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Do you think you love yourself enough to let all the good things you desire into your life? Do you think that you are lovable? Do you feel worthy of a truly happy life? Do you believe that you deserve all the goodness life has to offer?
It is time you accepted yourself the way you are and chase away the black clouds of doubt.
You must know that you are worthy of that life you are dreaming about. You are lovable and you deserve the partner you long for. Abundance in every aspect of life is your birthright. Please start believing, already!

Viktoria Mohacsi
Trust me, if something must happen, it will happen. The Divine Creator knows what it’s doing. If there is an experience you had assigned to yourself before you were born, you will go through it in life. 
There are no excuses, nor waving with magic wands. If you don’t want life to take drastic measure to teach you a lesson, take the necessary steps yourself. That is your ultimate goal anyhow, to overcome yourself.

Viktoria Mohacsi

You may start a new life with brand new energie


During the course of the past few months, Earth’s been receiving such energies that are taking us closer to the vibrations of the fifth dimension. 
We should be open to the cleansing energy of the highly vibrational golden light. Turning inward during these times helps the cleansing process. If you have been practicing raising your vibrational level (meditation, analyzing and understanding of the past, fasting, eating naturally, getting rid of addictions or obsessions and bad habits) you will notice that the power of creation has been multiplied. Manifesting into the physical realm is getting much easier.
The cleaner and purer you are on the physical and spiritual level, the quicker your dreams will be realized. In the new energy that has been arriving recently, anything is possible in the fraction of the time. Matter can be changed into anything. This process can be sped up by watching our actions more closely. Nowadays, many of us feel that our bodies also need to be nourished with high frequency food. The more natural we feed ourselves (leaving out processed food, additives, preservatives, chemicals, meat products, refined carbohydrates) the higher vibrational our bodies will become. You may even heal yourself faster, and get rid of illnesses, or many undesired physical symptoms. On the other hand, self-destruction will get the better of you if you follow an unhealthy lifestyle and diet.
Don’t be surprised if no positive change occurs if you smoke, take drugs or alcohol, or eat heaps of junk food. These make you see less clearly, dull the senses, and will keep you on a lower vibrational frequency.
It is also time we changed internally, as well. We need to let go of the burdens of our past lives. It’s time we looked at what has been troubling us, and what we have been carrying with us for centuries. Until we do so, no redemption will come.
Karma needs to be understood in order for us to be able to release it, thus freeing our spirits.
Once you get rid of all the weight of your physical and spiritual bodies, you will be able to fly freely, like a bird that is spreading its wing the first time. You can get a taste of the miracle of freedom, which is the true nature of our soul. It is time we lived the life we were intended to live. The laws of karma is transforming, and we receive the privilege of shedding the burden of our past lives for good. Be thankful that we live in this time, and have this opportunity. 
Be thankful for all the hardship, pain and suffering experienced during your life-time, because you are being shown what areas you need to still work on. All problems surface so that you know exactly what to let go of. Pain caused by this, will bring with itself liberation.
It is the beginning of getting connected with your twin flame. Both parts of the soul go through a large amount of healing so that this connection may happen. That is what has been happening the past few years. These connections are much more important than we had thought before. 
The joining of twin flames into one, and their high vibrational energy is what will raise this planet. Humanity is ready for this miracle. Be happy that you can witness this, and you were able to get this far. Be happy wherever you are, with whomever you are, because you are a perfect miracle, and part of God. You have the power of creation, and it is now time to experience it

Viktoria Mohacsi
Imagine walking across a meadow, and a path opens up before you. You get hungry while you are walking. Look to your left! There is a fruit tree full of ripe, delicious fruits. Take what you need!
As you keep walking, you get thirsty. To your left, there is a spring with clean and refreshing water.
If you feel tired, you will find a resting place. When you feel lonely, an old friend will show up to accompany you. If you get lost, a teacher will appear with a map in his hands.
Soon you will see how these things work: needs and satisfaction, desire and fulfillment. You may assume, that you were given needs, so that those will be satisfied.
I might need to feel the need to be able to notice, and accept the gift. It is possible that if I turn away from the desire, I, then won’t be able to reach fulfillment with my hands.
Supply and demand, desire and satisfaction – never ending cycles, unless we break them. Everything that is needed has been planned and given to this journey.
The long time effect of living in an improperly functioning family – as a child or an adult – is that we never feel safe. 
In this case, usually, relationship-addiction will develop to fill the void of missing safety. We, then try to have power over our partner, our main focus becomes the other person, and we hardly ever take care of ourselves, or submerge our own feelings. If we turn inward with love and care, we will be able to learn to how to feel well and safe. We can also feel safe when we are with one of our close friends, or doing something that we like, and sometimes even when we reach out to others. We are safe. We can relax. There may have been times when no one was available for us, but now we are learning how to be accessible for ourselves all the time. 
Today, I concentrate on giving myself the feeling of safety, therefore I feel fine.

The best feeling in the world is when you know that you have found your way in every aspect of your life. That is when peace, harmony and infinite love are in every moment of the day. When two becomes one, and there is nothing missing. The perfect union. With this, every question will be answered in your soul, and every suffering will have a meaning. You are now grateful for all of your experiences. This is the real miracle and purpose of life. You love your existence, and know that you are exactly at where you are supposed to be. I wish you all a wonderful day!

Viktoria Mohacsi

Experiment! Try something new! Think outside the box! You have been held back for too long. You have been holding yourself back for too long!
As children, we were being deprived of the right to experiment. As adults, we deprive ourselves of the right to experiment, along with the right to learn. 
Now, it is time to experiment. It is a vital part of healing. Try something new! It is only natural to make mistakes. But through it, you will be able to get to know your own values. 
Some of the things won’t be to our liking, but it is alright. We will find out more and more about ourselves, and about those things we do not like. 
We are going like some other things, and these will impact our values. We may discover something important which will enrich our lives. 
There are times during our healing period when we can just stand still, and allow our wounds to heal. These are the times of calmness, to turn inwards, and the times of internal healing. These are important periods, as we are working on solving problems. 
And there will also be times, when it will be important to experiment and dive into something exciting. 
Healing doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from life itself. It means, that we learn to live our lives, and to live it to the fullest. Healing is discovering things, investigation, and experimentation. It means, that we put rules aside that have been based on shameful, and rigid conventions, and we create healthy, new values, which are based on the love of ourselves, and others, and harmony with the world. 
Experiment! Try something new! You may not like it, you may make mistakes, but you may very well be enjoying it.
Today, I will allow myself to experiment! I will stop holding myself back, and dive into something new, if I feel, that I am capable. 
God, please, help me stop myself not allowing to experience life to its fullest, and as it should be.
A newborn’s conversation with God: A baby asked God, "They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?"
God said, "Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you."
The child further inquired, "But tell me, here in heaven I don't have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy." God said, "Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you. And you will feel your angel's love and be very happy."
Again the child asked, "And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me if I don't know the language?" God said, "Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak."
And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?" God said, "Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray."
Who will protect me?" God said, "Your angel will defend you even if it means risking its life."
But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore." God said, "Your angel will always talk to you about me and will teach you the way to come back to me, even though I will always be next to you."
At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from Earth could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, "God, if I am to leave now, please tell me my angel's name."
God said, "You will simply call her, "Mom."
Bad things happen to us for a reason, so that we get to know ourselves by them. We realize how strong we really are, how boundless our love is, and what it means to lose someone. 
We learn to let go, we finally understand what we truly want, and what never again.
These hard times simply need to be survived. Good always comes after bad things. Do not be afraid to live what is coming, it is Your Life to live. And years from now, when you are telling these wonderful life-stories to your grandchildren, you may say: this was me, and this was my life. And then, you realize, that you only remember the good things. But those could have only happened to you, for you had survived the bad ones.
Do not be afraid to lose what is leaving you anyway, even when you feel that everything collapses around you, and even when it hurts really-really bad. You can only lose which is not helping your development any longer. 
We are living in the era of letting go. We are removing many blocks through this, and learning the world around us. Are you afraid? I understand. It is very difficult to release things we are used to. Is it the soul or the ego that persists, and is attached to fake illusions? 
You must know yourself thoroughly, this is your only task. Once you do, you will never have a problem to let go, ever again.

Viktoria Mohacsi
Do not underestimate the importance of friends! Do not neglect your friends!
Having friends is a great joy. Our adulthood friends give us a good opportunity to appreciate all the pleasure we can experience together. 
Friends comfort you when you are down. Who knows us better, and can give better support, than a good old friend? Having friendships also give us an opportunity to be loyal to ourselves. Choosing friends can give an indication about our current problems we are facing. Mutual support can help in both our growth. 
Some friendships get stronger, and then get weaker, going through cycles throughout the years. Some fade away as one of the friends grows out of it. We’ll face tests and lessons along the way, and sometimes we need to have such an attitude that promotes healing. 
Some friendships last forever. There are love interest type of relationships, and there are friendships. And sometimes, from friendship, especially if the two met during a healing process, love can develop.
Have healing thoughts! If you feel resentment, or anger, ask God to help you feel it thoroughly, then release it. Ask God to bless those you are angry with.
Ask God, to bless you, as well!
If you are afraid, ask for the fear to be released. If you feel miserable, force yourself to be grateful. If you feel that you are being deprived of something, know, that there is enough for everyone.
If you are ashamed, comfort yourself that there is nothing wrong with you. If you doubt that you have made choices at the right time, and you are at the right place, tell yourself that all is well, and you are at exactly where you are supposed to be. And convince yourself, that others doubt, too, just like you.
If you catch yourself wondering about the future, tell yourself, that you will find a solution in time, and the problem will also give you something extra.
If you resist a thought, or feeling, practice acceptance. If you feel embarrassed, know that it will pass. If you feel desire, or need to have something, tell yourself that you will have it. If you are worried about people you care about, ask God to protect them, and watch over them. If you are worried about yourself, ask the same for you.
Think about others with love. Yourself, as well.
Then watch as your thoughts form your reality.

So much can happen to you in just one day. You have absolutely no idea in the morning what may happen to you during the day. Fate is working its course, sometimes so fast, that you get dizzy. You go to bed at night a different person. You have had many new experiences throughout the day, and perhaps, you recognize, what else God has in store for you, and you may even, one day, be grateful for it…

Viktoria Mohacsi
All your dreams can come true, if you dare go after them, considering no alternative, and only focusing on that, which you want. You won’t give up, even if life throws you hundreds of other possibilities with many obstacles. You will not give up, because you know that this must happen. Not accomplishing your desire is much more painful, than working for it. And for believing yourself, and the power of your heart, life will give you what you really want.

Viktoria Mohacsi
Today is a very important turning point for all of us. A new phase has begun, again. We have just received the sacrament of release, thus recognition will occur in us much quicker. Situations, which we have been waiting for a long time to be resolved, get sorted out, suddenly. Our emotions can also be volatile, according to the lesson to be learned. It is worth working deliberately on releasing relationships, and situations that are unhealthy. This, in turn will be liberating for us, and it will be removing blocks that have been hindering manifestation, and real creation in our lives. I wish you all an amazing period filled with revelation.

Viktoria Mohacsi
It is easy to gossip about other people, find faults in their lives, humiliate, demean, and intrigue them, instead of being preoccupied by your own self. If you have any life, that is. Those, who do, have their plates filled with taking care of it. It fulfills them, makes them happy, complete, and satisfied, and they only concentrate on staying in that state. They do not care about ill-will, maliciousness, or hostility, and wouldn’t pack their lives with it, either. Those, who are evil, are evil every day. When they sleep, when they eat, always. Evil, in turn will consume them, eat them alive, kill, and destroy them, because it will take their focus away from the most important thing: themselves.
You came into this world naked, and will leave naked. Think about it! You are but a guest on Earth. You only possess that which you had brought here, and take with you, under your skin. 
Wealthy are those who are healthy. Those who are strong. Those who need no one. Those, who are able to cut their own fire wood, cook their own dinner, and make their own bed and sleep in it well. Those, who are able to work to make a living, to have clothes and shoes to wear, and a room to call home. Wood to cut for fire. Those who are able to support their family, put food on the table, and clothe them, are they wealthy. They rejoice at the sun, the waters, the wind, the flowers, and their family, their children and life itself. 
If you have joy in your life you are wealthy. If you don’t, you are poor. 
Therefore you should learn to live joyfully, and recognize your assets you possess under your skin. 
Live with it, and by it, but most of all learn to rejoice! You are but a guest in this world, and the world is a beautiful host. It has a sun, waters, butterflies and birds, and it has many different flowers. 
Learn to rejoice at them, and take good care of the beautiful things that are still miraculously intact despite of the destructive nature of humanity. 
I cannot tell you enough: learn to rejoice at your existence, and for that you can be wealthy!

How I found the One


I am 42 years old, divorced, and with 2 kids I have been searching for happiness. I was on the verge of giving up, and I was just going to stay alone and lonely for the rest of my life. 
I have been told to be pretty for my age, but when one’s heart is closed, happiness will stay away. I have tried dating services, been on many dates, and finally I came to realize that it was very possible that the problem lied within me, and not the men I was dating. 
Naturally I would listen to everybody giving me advice, but I figured, that this was something I needed to resolve on my own. But how? I began reading books about love, and I started to understand why my life had turned out to be as it was. I finally realized that I should not be looking for faults in other people, my life was being created by me, alone. These were useful readings, the only thing I was still unsure of, though: How do I begin? I was ready to change my life, but I did not know how. And since there are no coincidences, my next book was about karma-removal, and that the source of my problems may have (also) come from previous lives. 
I knew immediately that this was just what I needed. I could resolve the issues from my current life, but not the ones that were rooted in other lifetimes, especially if I didn’t even know about them. I signed up for a session through a friend of mine’s mom, and I was anxiously awaiting for the first therapy. This was almost exactly one year ago. We focused on many areas of my life. Firstly, we looked for causes in my current life, and I was discovering why things turned out as they did. My father was always acting superior to my mother, and this was a repeating family pattern. I had been carrying this imprint within me: a man could never respect a woman, women are the servants of men. I was only able to attract men of that nature, and I had always been expected to behave like that. 
I had had a block in me since I was 16, and it was around the time of my first love. My first boyfriend cheated on me, made me feel unworthy, and just used me. I was made of the laughing-stock of the whole school. When these surfaced, we talked them through, I could let them go, and I then I was able to go back to previous lives. I asked to go back to a life which had had the most impact on this one, and to find out why my happiness was avoiding me. 
I found myself in the 17th or 18th century Japan, where I worked as a Geiko (I had to look this up, and I found out that Geishas called themselves that). I lived in the country. I was not very bright, but I had to go to a very strict school. I played music, and sang, and felt awfully lonely. I was around 16, when I fell in love with one of the teachers of the school. He made me trust him by being caring, loving and kind, then when I could completely trust him, he betrayed me horribly. He and his friends raped and killed me. That was probably the reason that I was afraid of men, and I would only attract the ones with an aggressive nature. I was crying all night afterwards, and felt like I was removing the trauma from within me with a rage. The next morning I felt much better, like I was a new person. Many other therapy sessions followed. I saw different lives, and many other problems got resolved, but this caused the most impact. I truly believe now, that if you have karmic blocks inside you, it makes it impossible to progress in life unless you remove them first.
2 months after the therapy I met a guy, and we already got engaged. I let my soul mate into my life. We have never had a loud argument. I am so grateful that I have allowed him in. I also found out, that we had been lovers throughout many other lifetimes. 
He came into my life again to show me what it feels like to be truly happy. 
Thank you, Wiki, so much!!

Elizabeth - 42
Hi, I would like to share my experience, and tell you what happened to me after the meditation-therapy
I had two men in my life. The first one, Balazs, I have known for 6 years. I have always been attracted to him, since the day we met. I never knew whether this feeling was mutual or not. He was the womanizer type, but I was the only one he could talk to, and open up to, but besides a kiss, nothing happened between us. I was always hoping that something more would happen, though. I was not attracted to anyone else, but him. Even though, you told me to move on, I just could not get him out of my head. 
Then, I went to see you the second time, and we did a twin-flame attracting meditation. Three days after that, I met Robert. He and I fell in love at first sight. 
I was so happy that the twin-flame energy really exists, and I will never forget the feeling I had then. We were planning our future together after only a few days. I thought, that we both had been waiting for this relationship, and I felt very lucky. 
One Friday afternoon we were going out for dinner, and Robert was so mysterious, he seemed that he was planning something very special for me. Well, surprise, surprise, he never showed up, never called, and I got stood up, big time. I tried calling, only to discover that his phone number was disconnected, and I was no longer his Facebook friend. I could not believe that this was happening. I sent him a text message, but he never replied back to me. I was desperate for a week, and tried to forget him, but I just couldn’t. Meanwhile, Balazs also disappeared. I was living like a zombie for months. Days passed without anything happening. 
I was in that state, when I went to see you again for a Karma-Removal meditation therapy. The reviews were so amazing, that I did not want to miss it. I wish I had gone sooner, but I guess everything in its own time. 
Right after the meditation therapy I had a bad headache. It felt like my whole brain was torn out. I had a very strange dream that night. I was walking, wearing a very long skirt. Then, I reached and intersection. A sign was in the middle of it saying: “You need to decide which way to go”, and an arrow pointing to the right fork. I opted to walk left, despite the arrow. I saw dark tree branches, and thorny bushes along the way, and it got dark very fast. There was a fox on the road, and snakes were staring at me from the trees. I had a pretty bad feeling about the place, and I was concerned whether I had made the right decision. I woke up soaking in my own sweat, and with a terrible headache. The same day, Balazs called me up and ask me to meet him at the lake. I was very excited to see him again, on a date. 
It was interesting, because I didn’t feel nearly as aroused around him as I used to, when I saw him. He told me that he’d had a dream about me, and that he had had the urge to see me. His eyes were sparkling, like never before. 
I thought to myself, that this meditation really had worked, and it completely had wiped the feelings I used to have for this guy out of my heart. 
He talked a lot, and it bored me, I couldn’t wait to get home. I thought that something must have gone wrong, because I had been waiting to be with this man for six years, and now I felt nothing for him. The only thing that kept me sane was that you had told me, that Balazs was not my real soul mate. But if it was not him, then why on earth had he come back to my life? I tried to reassure myself that miracles do not happen overnight. He sent 3 texts later, then I went to bed. I had a very similar dream that night. I was walking on the same path as the night before. I was heading towards the same intersection, only this time, a thick arrow showed me which way to go, pointing to the right. I chose the right fork. I didn’t even think twice. I walked down the right path, and immediately, I saw bright light shining everywhere. In the distance, a prince was waiting for me under an old tree. A unicorn came to walk me to him. He told me that he had been searching for me for a long time. He hugged me, and I awoke with this wonderful feeling. 
I was anxious all day, but it was more like excitement. I had a date with my girlfriend that night to go shopping, and grab some coffee later. In the parking lot, as we were walking back to our car, guess who I ran into? It was Robert. My dream flashed in front of me in an instant. I had chosen the wrong path the night before, and attracted the wrong partner, but last night, I chose the right path. My heart was pounding. 
He walked right to me, as if nothing had happened. I was surprised that I didn’t even get mad at him for that. 
My girlfriend, of course excused herself, and he and I had dinner together. He told me that he had been trying to reach me for days, but he couldn’t find me. Exactly, like in my dream. Was this really my choice? Is it possible? It all seems like it was meant to be. How could someone change so much in just 5 months? He apologized, and I felt that even though he had lied to me before, I could trust him. We spent the night together in the park, talking and cuddling. We moved in together after one week. 
I am not sure what’s next, but I am not afraid anymore, and I am letting fate decide for me. It has been a miracle. Not only because I had a second chance with my real love, but because I also have changed so much in the process. I am so happy. I will always be grateful to you. 
Thank you so much for everything!

Cili, 29
During the meditation I went back to one of my past lives in which I lived as a peasant in the Middle Ages, and I was to follow the Landowner to warfare in France. We were attacking a castle.
Everybody was killed during that attack, therefore the Lord was able to get his hands on all the treasure of the Fortress. He was so grateful for my help in that killing spree, that he made me very wealthy. I was able to create and have my own farm, but because the money had blood attached to it, I found little joy in it. This story has a psychological truth to it, whether we look at it from its historical perspective or others. It helped me change my attitude towards money, and improve my financial situation in my current life. 
Before this experience, I had always felt that money was sinful, and unspiritual, but now I am enjoying it, and have accumulated a lot of it. 
I have now realized that there is nothing wrong with making a lot of money, if during the process that nobody gets hurt. J.H.

I would like to share my experience and observations after a Karma-Removal Meditation.

I was on a Karma-Removal session regarding abundance, and life-purpose, during which the main focus was to remove blocks that were coming from past lives. 

Things are happening so fast, I feel like I am on fire. 

The meditation for improving financials made the most substantial impact in my life. 

I saw a huge wall, and I was standing behind it in the dark, with a heavy hammer in my hand. I began hitting the wall with the hammer, and I was just hitting it and hitting it so hard, I felt that I was really strong. For my own surprise, the wall collapsed, and I found myself on a beautiful, long, and straight road on the other side. It was glowing in a bright golden light. It was very inviting, so I stepped on it, and started walking. I felt amazing afterwards. I knew that destroying that wall, and finding the golden road could only mean that good things were to come my way. 

The next few days after the meditation, money started coming my way. First, just enough, or as much I had spent. For example, I got the same amount of money back in a different form that I had paid for gas, the same day. It was going on for days, then I figured that I would ask for a little more. I should have left “little” out of the equation. 

One day, after work, I got home, and I found a piece of mail from the Gas Company, saying that we had overpaid our account, and they were sending money back to us. We got the money the very next day. Then, again, I thought that I had asked for a little more, and I got it, but now, I need even more. 

So, I asked for more. A few days later, the phone rang, and a male voice was acquiring about an equipment, I had placed and ad about on one of the Internet sites, months before. He figured that even though, it was over six months old, he was looking for the same exact machine, so he called me to find out if it was still available. Of course I still had it, nobody wanted it before. An hour later he came over to look at it. He liked it very much, but he had to discuss the purchase – as it was to be a large investment – with his business partner. He was going to come back the next day, but an hour later he came back with the money, because it was exactly what he had been looking for. I could not believe that this was happening to me. I was so grateful, I thanked my invisible helpers. 

About my life purpose. Nothing major happened, but I figured that Christmas was around the corner, I was very busy anyway, so I would focus on that in January. I let it go for then. A few days later, I got a message that I won the Reiki course on a Sweepstakes I had signed up for previously. Since the class started the following Sunday, they wanted to know if I could make it. I could not believe that I actually won. Of course I was able to make it. I went for the first class that Sunday, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I felt the Energy, and since one of my life-purpose which I had pledged before I was born, was to be an energy-healer, I will go ahead and complete the whole course. 

I like the idea very much, to be able to heal, and help people with that. 

I cannot thank you enough, Wiki for helping me, and my family so tremendously. I remember you telling me last summer, that my success is just around the corner, and it is now really here. 

Thank you very much, 

Did you notice, that in recent months, many people have been trying to apply the law of attraction to draw money into their life, only to find out that it is not working for them? They make a professional business plan, they visualize, and try everything in order to get what they want. A few weeks pass, then a few months, but no results. 
The laws have changed, and brand new principals are in affect now, different ones than years, or even months before. 

The time has come for you to finally take on and follow your non-physical life-purpose. The one that you had chosen, before you started your physical experience here, on Earth. Everybody, who is working in the field of their chosen path, has no financial problems. I do not believe, that the real goal should be attracting money. Remove your blocks that are holding you back, and find your real purpose in life. Start working on yourself. Time is running out. 

Financial block-removal meditations have unbelievable results. For the sake of an example, I would like to share with you Istvan’s success story. 

“Hi Wiki, 

Let me try to sum up what has happened to me since I went to your therapy-sessions.
I was very desperate, and I am so sorry that I was bugging you so much, but now, all those black clouds that caused me to be so distressed, are gone. 

I had been a very successful small-business owner for the past 15 years, but the last year and a half has not been so great. It had gotten so bad, that my expenses greatly exceeded my income for about the last 12 months, and I have not been able to pay my bills. That was when I went to see you first. 
You told me that I am not following my chosen path, and in order to make my business profitable again, I either need to abandon it completely, and get on my spiritual journey, or start working on it part time, at least. I was furious. You told me, that I should be working in the health food industry, and through that, help and heal people. Right. I smoked, drank on the weekends, and my typical lunch consisted of fast food more often than not. But you told me, that I needed to learn how to live a healthy life. Let me tell you, I got depressed, but deep down I knew that you were right. Nothing happened for about a month, but then, I decided to go for the first meditation therapy. 

We looked into my previous lives, or rather you did, because I did not see much. I only saw a bearded priest as he was walking in chains. We removed my pledges, and promises in that life, and about two weeks after, things started to change. 
I was only able to put the puzzles pieces together looking back later, because I could not see what was happening. 
It started out by me being nauseous and sick one morning. It lasted for three days. I was so sick, that I was unable to smoke, and slept through the whole weekend. This was a big break-through, because I put alcohol and cigarettes down for good. I just couldn’t enjoy them anymore. I have no idea what really happened, I suppose, I really dropped those promises I had made in my previous lives, and my body started to clear up. Just to accelerate the process, I started drinking detoxifying teas. My belly disappeared, and I started running every morning. I begin feeling much better, and in the meantime I met a girl, begin eating organic food because of her, and gave up junk altogether. My energy was coming back. Vivian became a very good friend of mine, and I even learned how to cook. Well, I can make a few easier dishes. She thought that I was a good businessman, and she asked me if I wanted to be her partner in importing organic grocery into the country. 
I realized then and there what you probably meant, and I understood what has been happening the past six months, and their reason. It wasn’t solely for my health, but also for money. That is when I went to see you for attracting money. Things started to get into motion, nicely. I can manage both businesses, therefore I did not need to completely leave my old business. My income is increasing every month, and I was finally able to get rid of all my debt. 
I want to make more money, but this already is a miracle to me. And it was so true, that I only started making money, when I got on my chosen route. As much as I was resisting, I was guided to the right path. I have since completed an energy healing course. I will be eternally grateful to you, not sure what would have happened, had I not changed. 

Steve – 45”
Dear Reader, 

I would like to encourage you to step onto the path of truth, your own path of truth, which ultimately will lead you to yourself. I know, that this is not an easy journey. You will feel uneasy when you must face a side of you that you do not like, but it is time you finally saw clearly. We all have been blind for a long time, and have not been able to see the truth. 
Ask yourself the question whether you want to change your beliefs, or you still want to view the world through the looking glass of others. Are you ready to accept your own feelings? Do you dare open your heart so that you can see with it? 
How much your life will change this year depends on your own beliefs. 
Do you even dare to believe that there is a better life waiting for you? If you take a very good look at your life, you will see that it matches exactly what you have been believing in. You may not agree with me, but take a moment and quiet your ego, and look deeply into your soul. What kind of beliefs have been controlling and guiding you? Do you believe that there are people you can trust, a well-paying job you are able to take, a love of your life that is waiting for you, or qualities in you that people can love and respect? 
You need to be honest with yourself, and must understand, that you can only heal your broken life if you change your beliefs. 
Believe, that people are good, and life is full of miracles. Set your feelings free that have been locked inside you, and you will see, that you will begin to feel better immediately. 
If you finally allow yourself to feel good, then with the energy of joy you will attract many miracles into your life. 
You have created your life the way it is now, and the good news is that you will be creating your future, as well. It is all up to you how 2014 will play out for you. 
If you can face your current life, and have the courage to free yourself of the weight of the past, then you will finally be yourself again.
Spread your wings and fly towards a happy life. Open up your heart while you are flying and feel as the energy of love is guiding you. 
It is worth getting onto the path that leads inside yourself. 
Have a wonderful journey: Marta Zs.

You need to accept, that if someone comes into your life it is because you carry some kind of information for each-other. You have business with him. Don’t fight it, just watch! What is the lesson, and who is it for? There are no meetings by coincidence, everything happens for a reason, by a well-designed and precise plan. We only have to recognize the intended lesson. 

Viktoria Mohacsi
There are people that we are unable to forget. Those are the people that have changed our lives. People, that taught us to love. People, who made it worth living, and who make us smile after the bitterest day. Those are the people God sent our way to make our Earthly lives wonderful. 

Viktoria Mohacsi

Us, people, we have been connected to each-other through a very special energy-conduit. 
If I feel something about somebody, that person will get that same feeling, also. We are all, continuously connected. It is also true the other way around. I may think of somebody, because he or she keeps thinking about me. 
That is the reason that you can be sure, that if you are true to yourself, and are certain that you have a soul mate, it is impossible for the other person not to feel the same way. 
But it is also possible, that your ego won’t let you see what your heart already knows. But do not worry, God will guide you to the right place, where you belong, and you will find the ONE soon enough. 

Viktoria Mohacsi

I have been healed


I went for a meditation therapy with a special problem. I had had a scar on my neck since birth, even though I never had any kind of accident, or anything like that. 
I have been coughing the past 16 years, but doctors could never find the source. Sometimes I had this unexplainable sense of chocking along with a fear of death, which I never understood, especially during spring, when I would also have a pollen-allergy. 

During my first therapy session, I went back to one of my previous lives, where I lived as Indian in a village. I was 30, when my village was set on fire, and I also burned to death. I was also 30, when my health problems started in this lifetime, and that was when my son was born, who actually caused my death in that previous life. I began to understand my life, I started feeling much better right the next day. 

During the next session, I saw myself in another life where German soldiers attacked us, and I was shot to death exactly where my scar was. Finally in a third lifetime I was a young girl who got hanged, and I have been re-experiencing the feeling of chocking over and over again in my current life. I finally have found the reason for that also. 

I am not sure if because of the realization and understanding or not, but my life has changed. The coughing initially got worse, than it subsided completely after about a month. My lungs are clear, I breathe much deeper and with ease. My allergies are also gone. 

I used to have a recurring dream in which I kept getting thrown overboard and drown. This has not come back, either. 

Thank you, I am so much better now. 

Piroska, 46

There are people that will bring light into our life simply by their existence. We carry them with us in our hearts wherever we go, even if temporarily we get separated from each-other.
We find ourselves when we are with them, and they make us perceive our existence much clearer. The spark of divine love ignites in such relationships that will become an eternal flame. 

Viktoria Mohacsi

Love and relationships


I went for the meditation therapy to have a clearer vision of my relationships. 

In one of my previous lives, not exactly sure when, I was living as a man in Kamchatka. We had many horses and goats. One day, I noticed that a large eagle landed right in front of the entrance of our underground cave home, and I am not sure how I knew it, but that was a sign for us to move. In other words we needed to keep migrating to another place. Then, in my vision I saw myself hunting for bears, during which I often got hurt. 
On a freezing winter day, my daughter had an injury. She was attacked by a bear. She was only 4 or 5. She was bleeding badly, and a man came, a healer to see her. He had feathers in his hair, and he was using smoke, anointed her wounds with something, and was singing loudly, like he was chanting. My girl was healed, but a few years later she had another bear-attack, and that time we could not save her life. 

That little girl is my mother in this lifetime, and I have been worried about her my whole life, even though I am her child. But since I went through this therapy, I just let her experience life as it was meant for her, and our relationship has gotten much better. She thinks, that I have changed, and she likes the new me, better. 

The other interesting vision I had during meditation was a love-affair. It took place in Guyana. First, I thought, that this was only my own mind’s creation, but then, later I learned, that this was real a country in South America. I saw myself with a girl next to a magnificent and beautiful waterfall. We were talking for a long time, and when a thunderstorm was approaching, we went in the woods for protection. We were deeply in love. Then I saw ourselves a few years later. I was at the harbor, unloading huge boxes and packages, and I couldn’t wait to see my love. At the same time I had a bad feeling, because someone close to me was about to be taken away as a slave. Not sure who that was in that life, but he is my brother in this lifetime, and he really is the subservient kind, he always puts other people’s interests before his own, and works for other people’s goals instead of his. 
I finished unloading, and I was rushing home to my love, but she was nowhere to be found. There was blood everywhere, and I found the house turned upside down. I knew, I had a feeling, that she was already dead. Then, and there I vowed that I wanted no other woman in my life. And that was exactly what happened. I lived my life alone and lonely until I died.

A few weeks after the meditation therapy I met a girl, and I immediately recognized in her eyes the woman from that lifetime. At 42, I did not think that I was going to find my partner in life. She was there, all along, close to me, but because of all those memories, and blocks in me I was not able to see and attract her, and I also was afraid to lose her again, so I would just live alone. 
I needed to realize that this was only an old habit. I am no longer afraid, and I know that I can experience, and claim this love. I am extremely happy. Thank you.

Bela - 43

What has been blocking me from wealth?


I had gone for a karma-removal healing therapy for wealth and abundance, because, along with many other things, this was my main concern. 

I was a little surprised to find out that I only had a few issues, but those were huge, because I had never been able to make enough money. My husband was always the real money earner in the family, even though I had a superior formal education. 

My first regression journey took me back to the womb, where I found my first block. It was very interesting. I was an unplanned child, and my parents had to keep the pregnancy a secret, as they were too young. I felt that my mom was constantly nervous and worried, because she couldn’t even support herself, not to mention a baby. 

I had a sense of guilt even as a fetus, because I knew that having a baby would cost a lot of money for my parents. And now, I have been having those same feelings with my husband. This guilt was the first to be released. This also helped me realize many other issues I had, such as why I deny everything from myself, and feel undeserving and unworthy. 

During my second regression I saw myself in one of my past lives. I was a man in that lifetime, we were living on a farm, and had three kids. We had many animals, a large lake, fruit trees and crops as far as the eye could see. 
Then, I saw a scene. The sun was about to set, we were inside, getting ready for dinner and in the middle of saying grace. We seemed very happy. I saw the smaller ones, two boys, possibly twins fight from time to time, but they seemed to love each-other very much. 

The next day my wife had to travel. She was visiting with some relatives, and the kids and I stayed home. We had breakfast, then headed out to the lake to fish. The kids were chasing butterflies, we also had a puppy with us that helped me watch the kids. 

Then, a carriage approached, and I knew that it was related to business. They came to pick up merchandise, and I was about to make some money. I left the kids by the lake to take care of business. 

All of a sudden my oldest son was running to get me, because one of the younger boys had fallen into to the lake, and was nowhere to be found. He was also soaking wet, because he jumped in right after him. 

I rushed to the lake, and we were looking for my son for a long time, but he was already gone, we could not get to him alive. This incident had a huge impact on all of my lives that followed. I never saw ourselves happy again after that. This has caused a substantial block inside me to find out that I had put business before the safety of my children. It is also very interesting, that I won’t let my daughter, in my current life near water, it still freaks me out. 

My son, that had died, is my spouse in this life, and my wife in that life is my daughter now. Everything makes sense now. 

I am very grateful for this experience. I work in the beauty industry, and right after the second meditation therapy I immediately realized the difference it had made in my life. I started getting many more clients than before. I am booked 3 to 4 weeks in advance. I have rediscovered myself again, and have a newly found appreciation for my profession. 


My Success Story


Hello, my name is Gabi, I am 38 years old. 

I had been living in an awful marriage for a long time. We had two beautiful children, and I was afraid that I would not be able to support myself and my kids on my own, so I stayed in this marriage. Also, deep inside I was terrified that I would not be able to manage by myself, so I got stuck in a terrible living situation. 
I had no self-confidence, as this was not a trade that ran in our family. My mother had given me wonderful pieces of advice, such as why would I want to change anything, and I should be happy that I had a roof over my head, shouldn’t get a divorce, because all men were the same, and the kids needed their dad, I should not want to be successful, because then I would be too stuck up to care for my family. Success was not something that ran in my family, either. The common misconception was that the woman should shut her mouth, and do as her husband says so. I have obliged, and accepted this, but I was suffering deep inside. I knew that I was so much more than that, but I was afraid. I was scared of even more suffering, failure and pain. I fell into despair and a deep depression. I was prescribed sedatives, and I was even considering suicide. The drugs made me much worse. 

I was in that state, when I found, and read about Viki, and eventually looked her up. Initially we started removing family blocks, because my subservient behavior had been inherited and taken from my mother, which needed to be released. 
My second quest was to get rid of my prescription addiction, as they were clouding my judgment. I began taking herbal substitutes for their soothing properties. My body began detoxifying itself shortly after. 

During regression therapy, I was able to go back to previous lives, and I saw myself as a slave in many lifetimes. In one of the lives I was even sold as a prostitute. This was not easy to witness, but once I understood why those feelings had been inside me, I also felt relief. 
In my most recent life I was living in Germany during WW2, and I died alone. I never had kids. This might have been a reason why I was so reluctant to let my current family fall apart. 

We also worked on getting my confidence back, only to realize many other things along the way. I found out, for example, that my child-identity was pretty messed up. I was petrified of my father when I was a kid, and these feelings needed to be healed. I was a lonely child. Viki gave me some homework regarding these, and was working on them diligently. I realized why this problem was so important to work out, and why relationship and abundance issues had to come after. First, I needed to get my self-esteem back before I could do anything else.
It took me about six months to finally get to a stage where I wanted to make someone out of myself, make money on my own, have a career, and find love. 

I had been going to therapy for 8 months, and I was getting better, but I still needed something to make me want to get up and leave my husband. I got what I wanted, pretty soon. I figured, that it was going to be a new job. It was not a new job. I found out, that my husband had had a mistress, and a 2-year old child from the affair. This was the last drop. If that had happened six months earlier, I would have had a break-down. I did not even blink. I got my stuff and my two kids, and temporarily moved to my girlfriend’s. The very next day I started to look for a rental. I had just been to an abundance meditation therapy the week before, and I figured that if that was to work, then my life would get back on track in no time. I noticed myself having faith, and in that situation that was the most helpful thing. I was able to find an apartment with the first phone call. There was no security deposit required, and my girlfriend lent me enough money to pay for the first month’s rent.

I had no idea how I was going to make ends meet, but I did not even care. I knew that the angels would help me find a way; I no longer had blocks to stop me, everything would happen the way I wanted it. All of my fears disappeared. 

The next day I went for my usual therapy, and we worked on getting a job. On my way home, I was absolutely sure that I was going to get a job soon. 

The next day I was meeting the landlord to discuss some minor issues. During my visit, he received a phone call from a friend of his, who was looking for a caregiver to his mother part time, 4-6 hours a day. I have a nursing degree, and I took that as a sign. I, of course, got the job. Not a lot of money, but it was enough to pay the rent and food, and it only took a few hours of my day. 

I felt that my life was getting back in order. I was very happy. About a month and a half later, the old lady’s daughter came to visit, and we started talking. As it turned out, she was the owner of a well-known event and wedding planning company. As we dove deeper into our conversation, I had more and more great ideas regarding planning a wedding, which I also shared with her. She appreciated that very much, and told me that I should be doing this for a living, because I was very creative. 

Then, I finally realized why Viki had told me that I was going to be working in the beauty business. Then, I had felt that I had no talent for that. I was not even considering this kind of work.

Anyhow, the bottom line is that I was offered a job at the company, which I gladly accepted. The work is a lot more than before, but my salary is also way better. I have finally found myself. 

I simply felt that I no longer have any blocks in me. Everything was like a fairy tale. 

I have been working on my own for 5 months now. I have found my true calling, I am making a lot of money, and I know that I will have my own business soon. This has been a dream come true. I could not be happier. I have finally become independent, I am full of energy, I have found my place in the world where I belong, and I do not need a man to make me feel secure. Now I am ready and open for a relationship. 

I recently went for another karma-releasing meditation therapy, and I feel that finding the love of my life is just around the corner. 

I will eternally be thankful to you Wiki, the Angles and all the helping Beings around us

Hello! My name is Tomi, and my first meditation therapy took place about six months ago. My spouse and I have been trying to conceive for 9 years unsuccessfully, and that was the reason we wanted to see Wiki. 

We had tried everything, so to speak, had 6 in vitro procedures, took all kinds of medications, and consulted many specialists, to no avail. We were just about to give up, as we were getting old. We were both infertile, it was in writing. We were told that we were never going to have children. That was when we read about Viki, and we figured that we had nothing to lose. 

We wanted to have kids, and Viki told us that we would not only have one, but two. This was hard to believe, as we weren’t exactly young, and we felt that we were running out of time. 

Initially, we participated in two sessions separately, and started taking vitamins, as Viki suggested it. During the second time we looked into past lives to see whether the source of our problems came from any of those. This is what I saw: I was sitting on top of a hill and cried my heart out, because I just realized that my child had fallen off the edge. Grief stricken, I decided then and there that I never again would want to have children, as I never again wanted to experience such pain. 

My wife had seen herself in a previous life in which our son was kidnapped, and we were waiting for him to come back our whole life. Then she saw another life where she had been a prostitute in Paris, working pregnant, and she had finally killed herself. These were such blocks that needed to be removed. Also, our relationship required some mending, and the energies between the two of us had to be repaired. 

We had many lives together, we had hurt each-other a lot. We have always had this friction between us, and my wife was always afraid of me, although I had never hurt her (at least not in this life time).

Our first Relationship Meditation session was so successful, that right after that we had a huge fight, and I moved out of the house. We had not been speaking for two whole weeks, then finally when we sat down and talked over what had happened, the tension between us died. 

Our relationship now is very harmonious. We had started a Karma-removal meditation session, and our marriage has been improving ever since. 

Thanks to our dedicated work, we had just found out after three months, that we were pregnant. I cannot even tell you how happy we are. This is absolutely incredible. We are four months far, and we are expecting twins. When I found out, I remembered that Viki had told us that we would have two kids. Of course we never would have thought that this is how we were going to have two. We are both very excited, and we have never been happier. Not only because of the arrival of the little babies, but our relationship has improved, somehow it transformed into so much better. 

Not sure if this has given me so much strength, or the meditation therapy, but I have been making many times as more money during the past three months, then before. I have become much more fearless, and taking more risks in life. 

Even though I have no idea what is happening during these sessions, I am damn sure they work. 

We are eternally grateful to you, Wiki. 

Never stop doing what you are doing, because people need your wisdom, and help. 

Tomi (45) and Valeria

Karmic-Healing therapy/meditation


I am certain, that everybody in the world feels that something has changed here, on Earth. Rather, everything is in a constant transformation. Every moment is filled with a possibility. The possibility to change and progress. This transformation will never end. The only thing you can change about it is your own perception to these changes, and the way you transform your life by it. 

It feels, as though, time accelerated, and flies by rather quickly. Human relationships are in ruins, there has never so many people diagnosed with depression and panic disorder. 

Material uncertainty cripples the human soul. I still believe, that it is a privilege to exist, and be experiencing life now, because life has never offered us a greater chance to exercise free will and rewrite the screenplay of our life. 

Karma is based on the law of action and reaction. In other words, nothing happens by chance, everything is orchestrated and carried out by a well laid plan. There is always a reason behind a meeting, an event or an experience. This reason might be a thought, or an action that took place yesterday, but it can also be brought forward from infancy or even previous lives. 

There might also be family patterns acquired from our parents (which, most of the time, we do not even realize we have) that keep us hostage. To be more precise, in our families we have tendencies which keep repeating themselves, such as poverty, divorce, specific illnesses, and recurring events.

I truly believe, that it is very important to clear these patterns from our lives, because we keep playing the same record over and over again, as if we were stuck in a running wheel and cannot get out. Emotional blocks are caused by these patterns. Block removal meditations help get rid of these patterns, so that we are be able to discover and understand our own boundaries, thereby liberating our body, spirit, and soul. 

Up until now, our lives have been a balancing act. If we had something to be happy about, another part of our life fell apart. If we had love, then we had monetary difficulties. On the other hand, if we had plenty of money, then we fell sick, or our relationships suffered. In such a duality, that is how the world stayed balanced. If something good happened, we almost expected something to be miserable about. 

The good news is that this has all changed. Burdens, and emotional blocks that have been carried around for centuries can be dropped. That is why I feel, that it is a privilege to be living and existing today. We are able to experience firsthand what it feels like to live in harmony and have balance in all aspects of our life. 
We only need to let go of the loads of our past that are holding us back. This can all be done by virtually going back, and discover them one after another. Even in one day 20 years’ worth of karma can be released and dropped, that is why we feel time rushing by 20 times faster, than a few years ago. 

Karmic removal does not mean erasing it, it simply means the rearrangement of the energies. It is a special method of relaxation, during which the individuals are being faced with their past, the burdens of their soul, thus promote healing, During these session we also receive teachings. This plays a very important role, because only those karmic patterns can be released which have been thoroughly understood. If this does not happen, than the whole learning process would have absolutely been in vain. In every problem we have a chance to get closer to our true self, our source. All these lessons are to be learned, and understood. Understanding is what brings liberation and absolution. 

There are 3 aspects of our life where we receive the most lessons. 

Firstly, Relationships. 
This definitely plays a major role in our progress. The most and fastest growth can be achieved here, because a mirror is placed before us constantly by our partner to help us. This shows the areas still in progress and those that need improvement. For this purpose, we have created a very specific guided meditation dealing with relationship issues. 
This meditation helps us realize and face our darkest side to understand why we keep repeating the same patterns year after year, bringing similar events and people into our lives, and why we are being faced with the same problems over and over again. 

We learn to forgive ourselves and others, and let go of the past. Karmic oaths, vows and obligations vanish that chain us to our past. We remove bonds and addictions which won’t let us move forward. 

Secondly, Health. 
Physical symptoms always raise awareness and warn us that we have lost our ways. The reason can be found, if we search our soul. If the energy source of a problem has been eliminated, then this will cause the physical symptom to also dissipate. These meditation sessions help us better understand our lives and find ourselves. We get closer to understand who we really are, where we came from, where we are headed, and what the purpose of our existence is. 

Thirdly, Wealth, Career and Life Purpose. 
It is important to know that if you live in harmony, and you are fulfilling your life purpose, then life will also be abundant, and you won’t be lacking wealth. Many of us feel that we are not on the right track, though. We do not like our occupation, and feel that we can be and do so much better. On the other hand, these feelings are being kept submerged, because of fear. Acceptance and submission will take precedence. During the meditation specifically targeted to release these fears, blocks that keep us from our life purpose, abundance in every aspect of our lives, and to fulfill our true calling will be removed, and released. We free ourselves from the fear, guilt and negative feelings that had built walls around us to keep us from claiming what’s rightfully ours and manifest anything we desire. 

Releasing the blocks does not happen during meditation, the process is only initiated there. Everything happens at its own pace. The work is being done with the help of spiritual helpers, archangels, and enlightened masters. This release process may last for weeks, or even months. It will then continue in dreams and visions. We keep receiving these lessons until we realize, and understand their purpose. 

According to our experience, these meditations do not only help the intended area, but many times they effect all aspects of our lives. We had seen people come for a relationship meditation, but their life purpose got activated. This was obviously needed in their case, before they could attract the right partner. But we have also seen the exact opposite, as well. 

Karma removal meditations initiate energy exchanges. They are a kind of help to our lives. Things fall into place, but many times these changes are experienced as chaotic. We need to practice patience until everything makes sense. Because these lessons need to be learned, and cannot just be erased from our lives. The meditation helps progress growth. Once most of the lessons have been realized and understood the screenplay of our lives can be rewritten. 

Many people have experienced that once they had decided to participate in one of the karma removal meditations, the process of purification of the given area started immediately even before the session. It also continued afterwards. Cleansing may be experienced in the body, in the form of a headache, aches and pains in the limbs, nausea, or fatigue. Some experience an abundance of physical health and energy. This all depends on the individual. Just as emotional scars appear as physical symptoms, the healing also appears in physical form. A lot of sleep, plenty lot of water and taking it easy help advance healing. 

Progress after the meditations is vary, and depends on the individual. Some people have their issues resolved within just a few days, for some it may take months, and a whole lot of work to achieve desired changes. Transformation will start inside ourselves. Progress depends on the type of block and how deep its source is. The root of some of the problems could be very diverse. This only means that different meditations targeting different areas may be necessary to achieve our goals. 
Since every meditation session is different, aiming at various anticipated results, anybody can participate anytime they wish. It is up to everybody’s discretion as to how many sessions they need or want to attend. Continuous effort is needed at everybody’s own pace to stay in harmony and peace. 

The good news is that with our purification progress our direct family members, such as our parents, children, siblings and spouse are getting similar benefits, as well. Even if we do not know who our significant other might be, it still works, since we are energetically connected to them. There is always one family member who resists change, even though all we want is to help them. We cannot interfere with anybody’s free will, but if we change and grow, in time, this will have a positive impact on our loved ones, too. Growth in our close environment is inevitable. There is this lady, who keeps coming back to our sessions only because she sees the tremendous change and growth in her husband and children.

One thing is for sure. Our physical plane is changing. There are two paths before everyone. I can only hope, that everybody will choose transformation. Things do not change by themselves, you have to make that decision. 

I wish all of you a marvelous life!

Viktoria Mohacsi

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