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Past lives


When I was on the way to you, I knew that this cannot be continued anymore. I was fed up with my life, the failures and the success that did not provide calmness to me. It was enough from pain, and from the fact that I can not find myself. I kept myself away from everyone and everything and I couldn’t live this way anymore. 

I promised Anita to give her a lift and when she sat into my car I felt that this will be a unique adventure. And I was right! It was so good to talk to her, like we’ve known each other for a very long time. When we arrived to Wiki, I felt like arriving home to my friends. 

I took part in two days karma removal meditations, moreover I performed your ‘previous lives’ meditation program three times. Afterwards, things have changed around me. It was so strange what I’ve experienced even for the first time. I was somewhere in Asia and wearing Asian clothes and a typical hat. I had a large sword and heading for home. I arrived into a village (located perhaps in China) and a screaming woman was running towards me, because a man was hitting her. The woman hid behind me and I protected her. We started a conversation and it turned out that she was my wife in that life and she did not wait for me because she thought I dead. Her face was like the face of my current wife with a slight Chinese influence. I felt so terrific and I was very angry. We talked a little bit and I decided to bury my sword. I apologized that I left her and I told her that I am not the one she was waiting for. I told her, that I came from another life to seek the truth and reasons. She told me that she forgives me and she will wait for me. 

When I’ve finished the meditation, I felt much better, however I had still a significant pain in my chest and around my heart. Next day, I started this meditation again to further seek the reasons and I just faced fear and sorrow again. 

I found myself in the dark middle ages at a dark night. I was walking on a road, which was difficult to see in the dark and suddenly I noticed a mountain with a castle on it. There was a long, black stairway and I felt incredible fear and dread. As the steps started to run out, the fear has increased in me. I felt to be very unsafe, but I did not know what the reason was. When I arrived in the castle I looked into a mirror and I saw a young, but exhausted face with fear in his eyes. I had long, black hair, beard and I was wearing a black cloak and black knight armor. I went to the throne room and the king asked me about the war and I said we won. He complained that we lost a lot of people, thus I am not a good leader. I tried to defend myself without success. I just only felt that I wanted to go home to my family. When I looked at his face I saw my father’s face. I tried to convince him but finally he damned me since he heard that I am in love with the queen. I tried to defend myself because this was not true and I only loved my family, therefore I asked him to remove the ban. He finally started to believe me and said: “Go down your knees”. He put his hand onto my head and removed the ban. I could go home to my family and when I left the castle, I noticed sunshine and a beautiful meadow with flowers. 

For the third time, I did the mediation after 1.5 weeks. This time I found myself at the end of the American Revolutionary War. I was walking towards home, a nice house where I can relax. When I looked into a muddy pool, I saw that I looked like a priest. I knocked on the door and my wife showed up. She told I should go back to ‘the deceased and wounded’ because those people were more important to me than my family. It was no sense to try to convince her about its opposite. I expressed my apology that I could not spend more time at home and I returned to the present with great sorrow in my heart. 

After this experience, I thought about my whole life. I left my family two times, however not because of an other woman, but rather due to escape. I live separately from my wife and my daughter. I also thought about several people who left me, such as my partners, my friends, my family and a lot of other people. I realized that I need to face my past, my karma and the mistakes I did in my past lives. I cannot escape during my whole life… 

Now, I feel that my life becomes better from day to day. I have friends again, I have plans for the future and I have dreams. Now I dare to dream and believe that these dreams will come true. I can thank all this to Wiki and her mother, Martha. Additionally, I thank all those people who helped me to find my way and find peace and love in my life. – Thank you so much!!! 

Adam, 34

VG / Author & Editor

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