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Love and relationships


I went for the meditation therapy to have a clearer vision of my relationships. 

In one of my previous lives, not exactly sure when, I was living as a man in Kamchatka. We had many horses and goats. One day, I noticed that a large eagle landed right in front of the entrance of our underground cave home, and I am not sure how I knew it, but that was a sign for us to move. In other words we needed to keep migrating to another place. Then, in my vision I saw myself hunting for bears, during which I often got hurt. 
On a freezing winter day, my daughter had an injury. She was attacked by a bear. She was only 4 or 5. She was bleeding badly, and a man came, a healer to see her. He had feathers in his hair, and he was using smoke, anointed her wounds with something, and was singing loudly, like he was chanting. My girl was healed, but a few years later she had another bear-attack, and that time we could not save her life. 

That little girl is my mother in this lifetime, and I have been worried about her my whole life, even though I am her child. But since I went through this therapy, I just let her experience life as it was meant for her, and our relationship has gotten much better. She thinks, that I have changed, and she likes the new me, better. 

The other interesting vision I had during meditation was a love-affair. It took place in Guyana. First, I thought, that this was only my own mind’s creation, but then, later I learned, that this was real a country in South America. I saw myself with a girl next to a magnificent and beautiful waterfall. We were talking for a long time, and when a thunderstorm was approaching, we went in the woods for protection. We were deeply in love. Then I saw ourselves a few years later. I was at the harbor, unloading huge boxes and packages, and I couldn’t wait to see my love. At the same time I had a bad feeling, because someone close to me was about to be taken away as a slave. Not sure who that was in that life, but he is my brother in this lifetime, and he really is the subservient kind, he always puts other people’s interests before his own, and works for other people’s goals instead of his. 
I finished unloading, and I was rushing home to my love, but she was nowhere to be found. There was blood everywhere, and I found the house turned upside down. I knew, I had a feeling, that she was already dead. Then, and there I vowed that I wanted no other woman in my life. And that was exactly what happened. I lived my life alone and lonely until I died.

A few weeks after the meditation therapy I met a girl, and I immediately recognized in her eyes the woman from that lifetime. At 42, I did not think that I was going to find my partner in life. She was there, all along, close to me, but because of all those memories, and blocks in me I was not able to see and attract her, and I also was afraid to lose her again, so I would just live alone. 
I needed to realize that this was only an old habit. I am no longer afraid, and I know that I can experience, and claim this love. I am extremely happy. Thank you.

Bela - 43

VG / Author & Editor

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