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Hello! My name is Tomi, and my first meditation therapy took place about six months ago. My spouse and I have been trying to conceive for 9 years unsuccessfully, and that was the reason we wanted to see Wiki. 

We had tried everything, so to speak, had 6 in vitro procedures, took all kinds of medications, and consulted many specialists, to no avail. We were just about to give up, as we were getting old. We were both infertile, it was in writing. We were told that we were never going to have children. That was when we read about Viki, and we figured that we had nothing to lose. 

We wanted to have kids, and Viki told us that we would not only have one, but two. This was hard to believe, as we weren’t exactly young, and we felt that we were running out of time. 

Initially, we participated in two sessions separately, and started taking vitamins, as Viki suggested it. During the second time we looked into past lives to see whether the source of our problems came from any of those. This is what I saw: I was sitting on top of a hill and cried my heart out, because I just realized that my child had fallen off the edge. Grief stricken, I decided then and there that I never again would want to have children, as I never again wanted to experience such pain. 

My wife had seen herself in a previous life in which our son was kidnapped, and we were waiting for him to come back our whole life. Then she saw another life where she had been a prostitute in Paris, working pregnant, and she had finally killed herself. These were such blocks that needed to be removed. Also, our relationship required some mending, and the energies between the two of us had to be repaired. 

We had many lives together, we had hurt each-other a lot. We have always had this friction between us, and my wife was always afraid of me, although I had never hurt her (at least not in this life time).

Our first Relationship Meditation session was so successful, that right after that we had a huge fight, and I moved out of the house. We had not been speaking for two whole weeks, then finally when we sat down and talked over what had happened, the tension between us died. 

Our relationship now is very harmonious. We had started a Karma-removal meditation session, and our marriage has been improving ever since. 

Thanks to our dedicated work, we had just found out after three months, that we were pregnant. I cannot even tell you how happy we are. This is absolutely incredible. We are four months far, and we are expecting twins. When I found out, I remembered that Viki had told us that we would have two kids. Of course we never would have thought that this is how we were going to have two. We are both very excited, and we have never been happier. Not only because of the arrival of the little babies, but our relationship has improved, somehow it transformed into so much better. 

Not sure if this has given me so much strength, or the meditation therapy, but I have been making many times as more money during the past three months, then before. I have become much more fearless, and taking more risks in life. 

Even though I have no idea what is happening during these sessions, I am damn sure they work. 

We are eternally grateful to you, Wiki. 

Never stop doing what you are doing, because people need your wisdom, and help. 

Tomi (45) and Valeria

VG / Author & Editor

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