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Marika's success story


Dear Martha and Wiki, I would like to share my story and wonderful feelings. I feel a deep, inner love in my heart. This is what I was waiting for! It filled my body with deep joy, while I shed tears and I could only say: Thank you, thank you…! When I received the first sign during the initiation meditation I learnt already that I have duties towards people, i.e. I need helping people. This meditation was so beautiful, especially when our Lord Jesus Christ has placed a present to my hands, which started to shine with a wonderful, bright light. Even prior to this, I already liked helping people. But now, it’s absolutely clear since the spiritual masters helped me to recognize my life task. Vicky, imagine, since I had this wonderful experience I met many people who need my help. They are telling me their problems. Now I know that I need to help them to find peace. The real peace what I also experienced when I dropped my ‘heavy pack’ from my shoulders that I had carried over so many years… I recognized and understood many things in my life and cleared away a number of obstacles. Now I know, I am me, a lovable, brave, powerful mother and wife, moreover a nice friend. A person who can be found in case of problems. Now, I am aware with my real personality, life, life task and I feel power in myself, which helps me to be on the right track. During the karma removals I found so many answers to my questions regarding my life… many thanks for that Martha and Vicky! 

And now I try to share with everyone what was surprising and touching to me. The guy who criticized me, offended me and did things that cannot be tolerated anymore for more than a year (e.g. lost my job due to him) started to apologize. When this happened I wished him great success in his life and all the best. He was surprised very much and did not understand why I told these. I left him with a wonderful feeling and did not encounter anger in my heart. I thank this to the celestial beings, because I am sure that this was their relief. 

I had the other wonderful experience in the relationship with my family members. Finally, we could sit together and talk so calmly. I always missed the patience and attention from the others, but it seems this has changed. Now I feel deep, inner love, which was absent during the years and my husband became very thoughtful not like before. For me this is very important and I wish everyone to experience this wonderful feeling and peace as I feel now. 

Once again, thank you very much Wiki! God bless you and your family! 

Marika, 59 years

VG / Author & Editor

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