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Ghost house


Dear Wiki, I don’t know whether you remember me from the karma removal in September. I live in Germany, but I wanted to let you know that it was very good to visit you. Since then a lot of things have changed in my life. I can hardly wait to go again, but at present I cannot travel due to my job. My father speaks with me again after 5 years. It is surprising that he called me up when I returned home from you. At present he is with us. Finally I could let that man go who I thought to be my love for 3 years… This love was only on my part… I knew that he takes advantage of me, and he is only looking for me when he is bored or needs help. I decided to settle this case from my side. The day after I split up with him, he wanted to meet me. But I refused to. I was so proud of myself. It’s funny that since then he doesn’t get off my back… This is a so good feeling on the one hand, but there is vast anger in me because of the last three years on the other hand. Perhaps it had to be this way… Or maybe my mental obstacles made me inaccessible. And now my obstacles have been cleared away and the light went green? I don’t know, but I am happy. Now I see this is what men need. He was living in a bad marriage but he now decided to leave his wife. Vicky, can this karma removal influence this Platonic love? I know that he is my real partner but he needs time still. I ask because his business has greatly progressed when I was on the meditation. Long ago he used to come to borrow some money and now he wants to take me for a dinner nearly every evening and he buys a lot of presents for me. He tells that he doesn’t know why his business gets along now… My incomes are increasing for me too. I learnt a lot and I can only thank you Vicky! 

I have a 17 year-old son and I got to know that he tends to take drugs on a daily basis… We tried everything but nothing helped. This was my great sorrow, maybe you remember. Imagine, when I returned home 5 days later after the karma removal, he told me that he is in love with a girl and he never wants to take drugs again. This was 1.5 months ago and I am so happy!!! Nothing helped so far, but I spent all my money on him. This is really unbelievable, thank you so much!!! 

I wanted to share a story as well. Since my father is here with us, we went to the mountains for 3 days. We booked a house (me, my father, the children, a friend of mine and husband). We organized a small Halloween party with fancy dresses, masks and cocktails. Everybody enjoyed it, however this was only a small coming together. At midnight I went out to get some fresh air. In the mountains it was already snowing. I was just standing outside with a glass in my hands and suddenly someone behind my back asked me: “What are you waiting for? ”. I got frightened like hell, because it sounded like a child’s voice. I knew that my friend’s daughter is sleeping long ago already. I haven’t seen anyone… The house was a very old one, it was not really like a castle, but it almost looked like that. What also important is that I only drank alcohol free drinks. I felt terrible tension on me. I returned the house immediately. I couldn’t disregard this experience. A bit later there was a power cut in the house. So we lighted some candles. I thought that this is now even worse on Halloweens night. The toilet was at the end of the corridor and as I was walking towards it I saw a young girl. The girl was standing in front of the door and it seemed that she is illuminating… it was horrible, like in horror movies. It was very dreadful, and I even felt and heard my heart beats. I couldn’t even move. The girl – approx. 5-6 years old – lifted her head and she looked at me with her illuminating green eyes. I started to scream as much as I could. The husband of my friend ran to me immediately to check what’s going on. When he arrived, the girl disappeared. I told the others what I saw, but I think they thought I went crazy. After this, I didn’t dare to sleep. When we went to bed, the electricity came back, so I was sitting in the light while the others were sleeping. Next morning the husband of my friend told that he had a dream of a young girl who had a long, blond hair (exactly what I saw) and she told that her grandfather killed her in 1652. I was terrified. The husband of my friend is a very rational person, but he said that he is about to realize that there could be another world behind ours. So we packed our things and left the house as soon as possible. I hope she didn’t come with us… 

Wiki, thanks again for everything. We see each other soon… bye! Heli

VG / Author & Editor

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