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Did you notice, that in recent months, many people have been trying to apply the law of attraction to draw money into their life, only to find out that it is not working for them? They make a professional business plan, they visualize, and try everything in order to get what they want. A few weeks pass, then a few months, but no results. 
The laws have changed, and brand new principals are in affect now, different ones than years, or even months before. 

The time has come for you to finally take on and follow your non-physical life-purpose. The one that you had chosen, before you started your physical experience here, on Earth. Everybody, who is working in the field of their chosen path, has no financial problems. I do not believe, that the real goal should be attracting money. Remove your blocks that are holding you back, and find your real purpose in life. Start working on yourself. Time is running out. 

Financial block-removal meditations have unbelievable results. For the sake of an example, I would like to share with you Istvan’s success story. 

“Hi Wiki, 

Let me try to sum up what has happened to me since I went to your therapy-sessions.
I was very desperate, and I am so sorry that I was bugging you so much, but now, all those black clouds that caused me to be so distressed, are gone. 

I had been a very successful small-business owner for the past 15 years, but the last year and a half has not been so great. It had gotten so bad, that my expenses greatly exceeded my income for about the last 12 months, and I have not been able to pay my bills. That was when I went to see you first. 
You told me that I am not following my chosen path, and in order to make my business profitable again, I either need to abandon it completely, and get on my spiritual journey, or start working on it part time, at least. I was furious. You told me, that I should be working in the health food industry, and through that, help and heal people. Right. I smoked, drank on the weekends, and my typical lunch consisted of fast food more often than not. But you told me, that I needed to learn how to live a healthy life. Let me tell you, I got depressed, but deep down I knew that you were right. Nothing happened for about a month, but then, I decided to go for the first meditation therapy. 

We looked into my previous lives, or rather you did, because I did not see much. I only saw a bearded priest as he was walking in chains. We removed my pledges, and promises in that life, and about two weeks after, things started to change. 
I was only able to put the puzzles pieces together looking back later, because I could not see what was happening. 
It started out by me being nauseous and sick one morning. It lasted for three days. I was so sick, that I was unable to smoke, and slept through the whole weekend. This was a big break-through, because I put alcohol and cigarettes down for good. I just couldn’t enjoy them anymore. I have no idea what really happened, I suppose, I really dropped those promises I had made in my previous lives, and my body started to clear up. Just to accelerate the process, I started drinking detoxifying teas. My belly disappeared, and I started running every morning. I begin feeling much better, and in the meantime I met a girl, begin eating organic food because of her, and gave up junk altogether. My energy was coming back. Vivian became a very good friend of mine, and I even learned how to cook. Well, I can make a few easier dishes. She thought that I was a good businessman, and she asked me if I wanted to be her partner in importing organic grocery into the country. 
I realized then and there what you probably meant, and I understood what has been happening the past six months, and their reason. It wasn’t solely for my health, but also for money. That is when I went to see you for attracting money. Things started to get into motion, nicely. I can manage both businesses, therefore I did not need to completely leave my old business. My income is increasing every month, and I was finally able to get rid of all my debt. 
I want to make more money, but this already is a miracle to me. And it was so true, that I only started making money, when I got on my chosen route. As much as I was resisting, I was guided to the right path. I have since completed an energy healing course. I will be eternally grateful to you, not sure what would have happened, had I not changed. 

Steve – 45”

VG / Author & Editor

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