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What has been blocking me from wealth?


I had gone for a karma-removal healing therapy for wealth and abundance, because, along with many other things, this was my main concern. 

I was a little surprised to find out that I only had a few issues, but those were huge, because I had never been able to make enough money. My husband was always the real money earner in the family, even though I had a superior formal education. 

My first regression journey took me back to the womb, where I found my first block. It was very interesting. I was an unplanned child, and my parents had to keep the pregnancy a secret, as they were too young. I felt that my mom was constantly nervous and worried, because she couldn’t even support herself, not to mention a baby. 

I had a sense of guilt even as a fetus, because I knew that having a baby would cost a lot of money for my parents. And now, I have been having those same feelings with my husband. This guilt was the first to be released. This also helped me realize many other issues I had, such as why I deny everything from myself, and feel undeserving and unworthy. 

During my second regression I saw myself in one of my past lives. I was a man in that lifetime, we were living on a farm, and had three kids. We had many animals, a large lake, fruit trees and crops as far as the eye could see. 
Then, I saw a scene. The sun was about to set, we were inside, getting ready for dinner and in the middle of saying grace. We seemed very happy. I saw the smaller ones, two boys, possibly twins fight from time to time, but they seemed to love each-other very much. 

The next day my wife had to travel. She was visiting with some relatives, and the kids and I stayed home. We had breakfast, then headed out to the lake to fish. The kids were chasing butterflies, we also had a puppy with us that helped me watch the kids. 

Then, a carriage approached, and I knew that it was related to business. They came to pick up merchandise, and I was about to make some money. I left the kids by the lake to take care of business. 

All of a sudden my oldest son was running to get me, because one of the younger boys had fallen into to the lake, and was nowhere to be found. He was also soaking wet, because he jumped in right after him. 

I rushed to the lake, and we were looking for my son for a long time, but he was already gone, we could not get to him alive. This incident had a huge impact on all of my lives that followed. I never saw ourselves happy again after that. This has caused a substantial block inside me to find out that I had put business before the safety of my children. It is also very interesting, that I won’t let my daughter, in my current life near water, it still freaks me out. 

My son, that had died, is my spouse in this life, and my wife in that life is my daughter now. Everything makes sense now. 

I am very grateful for this experience. I work in the beauty industry, and right after the second meditation therapy I immediately realized the difference it had made in my life. I started getting many more clients than before. I am booked 3 to 4 weeks in advance. I have rediscovered myself again, and have a newly found appreciation for my profession. 


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