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I have been healed


I went for a meditation therapy with a special problem. I had had a scar on my neck since birth, even though I never had any kind of accident, or anything like that. 
I have been coughing the past 16 years, but doctors could never find the source. Sometimes I had this unexplainable sense of chocking along with a fear of death, which I never understood, especially during spring, when I would also have a pollen-allergy. 

During my first therapy session, I went back to one of my previous lives, where I lived as Indian in a village. I was 30, when my village was set on fire, and I also burned to death. I was also 30, when my health problems started in this lifetime, and that was when my son was born, who actually caused my death in that previous life. I began to understand my life, I started feeling much better right the next day. 

During the next session, I saw myself in another life where German soldiers attacked us, and I was shot to death exactly where my scar was. Finally in a third lifetime I was a young girl who got hanged, and I have been re-experiencing the feeling of chocking over and over again in my current life. I finally have found the reason for that also. 

I am not sure if because of the realization and understanding or not, but my life has changed. The coughing initially got worse, than it subsided completely after about a month. My lungs are clear, I breathe much deeper and with ease. My allergies are also gone. 

I used to have a recurring dream in which I kept getting thrown overboard and drown. This has not come back, either. 

Thank you, I am so much better now. 

Piroska, 46

VG / Author & Editor

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