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During the meditation I went back to one of my past lives in which I lived as a peasant in the Middle Ages, and I was to follow the Landowner to warfare in France. We were attacking a castle.
Everybody was killed during that attack, therefore the Lord was able to get his hands on all the treasure of the Fortress. He was so grateful for my help in that killing spree, that he made me very wealthy. I was able to create and have my own farm, but because the money had blood attached to it, I found little joy in it. This story has a psychological truth to it, whether we look at it from its historical perspective or others. It helped me change my attitude towards money, and improve my financial situation in my current life. 
Before this experience, I had always felt that money was sinful, and unspiritual, but now I am enjoying it, and have accumulated a lot of it. 
I have now realized that there is nothing wrong with making a lot of money, if during the process that nobody gets hurt. J.H.

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