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Karma-removal program


There are incredibly strong forces moving about that are changing our internal and also external perception of the world, which, I believe, have effected everybody on Earth. The prize of our awakening and the inevitable change, is a better quality of life. Many of us feel that our boundaries have been challenged and the end is near. Time and time again we hit rock bottom and assume that it can’t get any worse, only to realize that it just did. 
We know, that humanity has reached a mile stone. The world as we know it cannot continue its existence in its current form. An incarnation period has ended. 
Everybody understands that we consist of the trinity of body – soul – and spirit. Our physical bodies were given to us for one life, or incarnation. Our souls, on the other hand were given to us for a whole incarnation cycle, which lasts for 25920 years. 
Our souls contain all our memories, experiences and feelings we have been collecting throughout our lives. Our souls remember even when our conscious minds can’t. That’s why we like or dislike some people almost instantly we meet them the first time. Souls recognize each-other. Furthermore, souls also have the ability to recognize negative emotions, such as being humiliated in a previous life, and they carry the weight of that feeling through lives. The vibration of this feeling has a huge effect on our current life, because if it is still active within us, than similar life-situations will be attracted to us over and over again, in which we keep feeling humiliation and shame. Therefore, it is important to understand, that we are not our physical bodies, nor our souls. We are the spirit, which is one with the Creator, who is free and never ceases to exist.
All our problems, and blocks were originated in our souls and physical bodies. 
There are 3 sources of our blocks:
Family karma: We choose our families based on emotional heritage. We don’t just inherit physical conditions, or situations, but our vibration and mentality are being matched to those of our family’s, therefore creating the same circumstances in our lives that need to be resolved over and over again.
We also have the tendency to subconsciously take over liabilities that do not belong to us, just to make our parents’ lives easier. Our family tree usually carries the same pattern for most people within it (divorce, addiction, humiliation, poverty-consciousness, adultery, self-sacrifice)
We are being hindered by our old beliefs to progress in our current life, and we are being forced into similar situations, and feel that we are not moving forward. We keep being born into the same blood-line until we find a way to resolve issues that keep us there.
It is not uncommon to be reborn along with the same persons, repeating old karma. On the other hand, we can feel completely alien in our own family, if some members do not belong to our soul-family. 

Most of the time we are being confronted with our karmic lessons by our own parents. Once we grow up, and are out of parental guidance, and if there is still a lesson to be learned, this task will be taken over by our life-partners. You cannot feel completely happy and joyful until you fully understand and know why you chose your current physical family to reincarnate, and what the lessons were you needed to learn from those people. 
You must accept and forgive your mother to be able to activate your feminine energies for creation, for relationships and your maternal force.
Same is true with your father. You have to come to forgive and accept him in order to get a handle on your financials. 
Personal Karma: Souls choose the main characters and events of their physical life before incarnation, based on previous experiences. What needs to be learned and from whom; with whom do they have unfinished business, and what are things that had been left undone in previous lives. 
Collective Consciousness: Every information that has ever occurred has an effect on us. For example: you don’t catch the flu, but you know about that particular information (that the flue exists) which makes you believe that you have the flu. You vibrate at the same level as the flu, therefore you get it. 
We have reached the end of an incarnation period. A collection of souls were given that time (25920 years) to gather all information and experiences they can possibly live through. Our current civilization cannot survive like this any longer. Things have been changing, and this change has been in the air for a while. People began going back to the roots of nature. Even our planet is beginning to get back to its original state. The purpose of the Universe is complete harmony and balance. Everything must get back to its initial state of being. Humanity will leave this planet exactly as it had found it, in peace and stability. That is why many people are living their last, and most difficult incarnation, because everyone must pay the piper, and all of our hindering blocks must be taken off and left behind. No unfinished business, nothing undone must be after us.
Life is fair to us all, and we must reap what we sow. The Universe is in perfect balance, you are responsible for everything that has been happening to you. That is why no one can change for you, but you, yourself! 
Letting go of our karma does not mean that everything will be perfect tomorrow, but we will get a chance through life-situations to face the burden of our past, and process those to get over them. But we need to be willing to take part in those situations, and face our deepest fears. That is when instead of running away from them we understand and resolve them. There have been many chances in the past we could have done just that. 
Karma is resolved once it has been understood and accepted. This will yield to forgiveness and surrender. After we have all our questions answered we will take charge, and become masters of our own life. Then, there will be no more: “why” and we will cease to be a victim. 
This can happen only, when you start trusting the Universe, and you finally understand that everything happens for YOU, based on plans that you had made for yourself, and take responsibility for your own life. When you accept your destiny, then you will be the chief of your own life. You have the chance NOW. Everything happens to you so that you can recognize your life-lessons. Be grateful for this. 
2015 is the year of Balance, in other words the Year of Karma. All your unresolved karmic lessons will be present to you this year. I.e. if you still need learn patience, you will be given such lessons in which you must exercise being patient. This will repeat until you will be ready to accept your fate. Same applies to all your relationship issues. 
Time has come for balance and order. The world acts as your own personal mirror; it shows you everything you must improve and need to learn. If you haven’t started this work yet, I would like to encourage you to stop delaying, and get your life in your own hands, before it is too late. The bigger the imbalance, the more effort you will need to compensate; in other words the slap in your face gets bigger with time. 
Thank god there is still time left this year to take care of this. A lot of ups and downs can be expected this year. In 2012 the complete transformation of the quality of humans began. The laws of the Universe have changed. Duality has been subsiding, and we have been heading towards unity. Free will takes precedence more and more, and we have the ability to take off the load of our past, and rewrite our lives. Even though there is still chaos, and the process may seem very complicated, I still believe that it is a great privilege to humanity. We have never had greater experiences before. This may be unfamiliar, and strange and it may scare us, but the final destination will be wonderful. Peace and harmony will rule once again, where love is in charge. 
We are still on our way down to the bottom, and in the middle of the collapse of the world. This is all needed so that we can rebuild the Universe. It all has to come down. It will take time, many-many years to be able to rid our souls of thousands of years of karma. Pure love will take over, pain, anger, and fear will diminish. I see that more and more people reach, or gets close to this state in their lives, every day, I know that everybody has their own pace, and will get to this state at different times. Some will lead the way, and help others on their path. 
2017 will be the turning point for Humanity. Most of us will have paid all our dues, and will have been rid of our karmic past. Most people will break away from the collective-suffering and will take charge of their own lives. These people will understand the secret of their existence, and will wake up from their dream. Love will prevail, and take over. 
This can only happen once we are done with our past, have freed ourselves from blocks and karma. If it is done willingly, then it is less painful. All of the negative emotions, such as wrath, guilt, fear, pain, resentment, or worry need to be worked out. Until all these have been accepted and released, you cannot free yourself from them. As long as they are the part of you, you cannot look at them from a higher perspective, and cannot break free from the rat race you are in. Once you can see yourself from the outside, you will understand it, and this will be enough to let go of that karma. If you are able to comprehend what a situation may mean in your life, then it has fulfilled its purpose, therefore you won’t need it any longer, it will be released. 
The Universe is your personal mirror. As above so below, and as below so above. Everything you find in other people exists in you, as well. Your personal karma will be resolved once you are able to love yourself unconditionally, and feel worthy. Self-love releases guilt. You are not identical with your physical body, or your thoughts, and definitely not identical with yesterday’s incidents. 
It is the time of harmony and rebalancing. While we are working on resolving our karma from our past, we must ensure not to create new ones. We must always do what’s right, and should finish everything we start, including events and relationships.
The world is about to collapse. Your future on the other hand, is up to you. 
We should mainly focus on resolving our family related issues, because most of our karma is from our ancient family. 
Take care of balancing the feminine/masculine energies, because if these energies from our mother and father are not equalized properly, may cause a disruption in harmony. That can lead to men being too feminine, or women too masculine, which will also affect our sexuality, relationships, and financial stability. 
It is the year of resolving family karma. Every block that is being released in our soul, has an effect on our physical body. Many people suffer from skeletal diseases, because their roots are clarifying. This is in direct correlation with our physical family. Family is the frame of our lives. 
There is a straight connection between that and our relationships and sexuality; therefore, there might be symptoms in our body including abdominal pain, bacterial or viral infection, cysts, fibroids or tumors. These are only syndromes, and physical manifestations of our internal cleansing. 
Many people may develop issues with their digestive system, as they are working through pain from the past, which had been buried for so long. Other symptoms may include gallbladder cramps, colon problems, digestive issues, constipation or diarrhea.
Everybody is affected by this cleansing process, which may take a few days, or weeks, accompanied by headache, or migraine, nausea, incoherent dreaming, nervousness, and unexplained panic attacks. 
One must take care of the harmony of the physical body. We can consciously help our own cleansing by refraining from heavy foods that wear our body down, and we should be on the lookout for signals it sends to us. What would make my body lighter? If the physical body is a clean vessel, the cleansing is easier for the soul. As the soul affects our body, our body also affects our soul. Anything we feed our physical body will influence the wellbeing of our soul. That is why it is important to eat a lot of unprocessed, or raw food, drink filtered water, do physical activities, such as sports, and be outside on the fresh air as much as possible. 
Lastly, I would like to touch on relationships. 
Many people tell me that they feel lonely, even though they are in a relationship, or even married. This is completely normal, as we are in the middle of resolving our own personal karma, and everyone is busy with fulfilling their own spiritual path. A hurt soul can only cause harm to another. We must love ourselves unconditionally in order to be able to have a relationship that is based on unconditional love. This is only possible once we let go of all the wrath, guilt, and anger that are nested within our soul. Finding our twin flame is not achievable without that. 
It is not even a question whether our soulmate is here on Earth with us, or not. Why do you think there are so many people living now on Earth? It is here, for sure. You two came together, for redemption is only possible in unity. The real question here is when you will be ready to find the love within yourself to be able to attract your twin flame to you? It can happen in 1 day, or in 45 years. The key to decide is in your hands. It takes a ton of conscious work, though. Many-many twin souls will find their counterparts within the next couple of years; love will take over and come into power, and its energy will help couples find one another. 
That does not automatically mean you will be one of these people. I had seen many people in the past years, who started loving themselves unconditionally find their true love, and making it possible for their partner to love them. 
Besides that, karmic relationships need to be resolved, balanced and released. In the midst of all that, you must be completely honest with yourself to become the master healer of your own self. 
All in all, this time period will urge everybody for self-examination. Nobody can be told by anyone anymore what to expect in the future. 
If and when you are able to free yourself from the burden of your past, understand why everything happened the way it did, pay your dues, realize your unlimited potentials, find your life purpose and take charge of it, you will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams, and will come to comprehend that everything you ever thought of and wanted can be yours in a blink of an eye, and welcome true happiness. 

This coming autumn there will be a chance to take part in a karma-removal meditation in Sarasota, Florida. We have a very well working method that has been tested and perfected for many-many years in Europe which helps everybody who participates selfheal themselves. 

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I would like to wish you all a happy, peaceful and joyful year in the physical, as well, as in the spiritual realm 

Wiki G. from Hungary

VG / Author & Editor

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