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My Success Story


Hello, my name is Gabi, I am 38 years old. 

I had been living in an awful marriage for a long time. We had two beautiful children, and I was afraid that I would not be able to support myself and my kids on my own, so I stayed in this marriage. Also, deep inside I was terrified that I would not be able to manage by myself, so I got stuck in a terrible living situation. 
I had no self-confidence, as this was not a trade that ran in our family. My mother had given me wonderful pieces of advice, such as why would I want to change anything, and I should be happy that I had a roof over my head, shouldn’t get a divorce, because all men were the same, and the kids needed their dad, I should not want to be successful, because then I would be too stuck up to care for my family. Success was not something that ran in my family, either. The common misconception was that the woman should shut her mouth, and do as her husband says so. I have obliged, and accepted this, but I was suffering deep inside. I knew that I was so much more than that, but I was afraid. I was scared of even more suffering, failure and pain. I fell into despair and a deep depression. I was prescribed sedatives, and I was even considering suicide. The drugs made me much worse. 

I was in that state, when I found, and read about Viki, and eventually looked her up. Initially we started removing family blocks, because my subservient behavior had been inherited and taken from my mother, which needed to be released. 
My second quest was to get rid of my prescription addiction, as they were clouding my judgment. I began taking herbal substitutes for their soothing properties. My body began detoxifying itself shortly after. 

During regression therapy, I was able to go back to previous lives, and I saw myself as a slave in many lifetimes. In one of the lives I was even sold as a prostitute. This was not easy to witness, but once I understood why those feelings had been inside me, I also felt relief. 
In my most recent life I was living in Germany during WW2, and I died alone. I never had kids. This might have been a reason why I was so reluctant to let my current family fall apart. 

We also worked on getting my confidence back, only to realize many other things along the way. I found out, for example, that my child-identity was pretty messed up. I was petrified of my father when I was a kid, and these feelings needed to be healed. I was a lonely child. Viki gave me some homework regarding these, and was working on them diligently. I realized why this problem was so important to work out, and why relationship and abundance issues had to come after. First, I needed to get my self-esteem back before I could do anything else.
It took me about six months to finally get to a stage where I wanted to make someone out of myself, make money on my own, have a career, and find love. 

I had been going to therapy for 8 months, and I was getting better, but I still needed something to make me want to get up and leave my husband. I got what I wanted, pretty soon. I figured, that it was going to be a new job. It was not a new job. I found out, that my husband had had a mistress, and a 2-year old child from the affair. This was the last drop. If that had happened six months earlier, I would have had a break-down. I did not even blink. I got my stuff and my two kids, and temporarily moved to my girlfriend’s. The very next day I started to look for a rental. I had just been to an abundance meditation therapy the week before, and I figured that if that was to work, then my life would get back on track in no time. I noticed myself having faith, and in that situation that was the most helpful thing. I was able to find an apartment with the first phone call. There was no security deposit required, and my girlfriend lent me enough money to pay for the first month’s rent.

I had no idea how I was going to make ends meet, but I did not even care. I knew that the angels would help me find a way; I no longer had blocks to stop me, everything would happen the way I wanted it. All of my fears disappeared. 

The next day I went for my usual therapy, and we worked on getting a job. On my way home, I was absolutely sure that I was going to get a job soon. 

The next day I was meeting the landlord to discuss some minor issues. During my visit, he received a phone call from a friend of his, who was looking for a caregiver to his mother part time, 4-6 hours a day. I have a nursing degree, and I took that as a sign. I, of course, got the job. Not a lot of money, but it was enough to pay the rent and food, and it only took a few hours of my day. 

I felt that my life was getting back in order. I was very happy. About a month and a half later, the old lady’s daughter came to visit, and we started talking. As it turned out, she was the owner of a well-known event and wedding planning company. As we dove deeper into our conversation, I had more and more great ideas regarding planning a wedding, which I also shared with her. She appreciated that very much, and told me that I should be doing this for a living, because I was very creative. 

Then, I finally realized why Viki had told me that I was going to be working in the beauty business. Then, I had felt that I had no talent for that. I was not even considering this kind of work.

Anyhow, the bottom line is that I was offered a job at the company, which I gladly accepted. The work is a lot more than before, but my salary is also way better. I have finally found myself. 

I simply felt that I no longer have any blocks in me. Everything was like a fairy tale. 

I have been working on my own for 5 months now. I have found my true calling, I am making a lot of money, and I know that I will have my own business soon. This has been a dream come true. I could not be happier. I have finally become independent, I am full of energy, I have found my place in the world where I belong, and I do not need a man to make me feel secure. Now I am ready and open for a relationship. 

I recently went for another karma-releasing meditation therapy, and I feel that finding the love of my life is just around the corner. 

I will eternally be thankful to you Wiki, the Angles and all the helping Beings around us


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