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Wonders are real!


Dear Wiki! 

I would like to share my beautiful experience with all of you! Before my second karma removal meditation major changes occurred in my life. I start my story from the beginning. I had a big dream as a child. I wanted to have an affectionate relationship with my aunt and to hug her and to tell her ‘I love you’. This never happened in fact because we always refused each other somehow. Then I made a big mistake, since I supported someone else in a family argument about 5 years ago and this led to estrangement between us. Then I thought that this is the best time to show her, how much I wanted to love her also in my childhood. I wanted to be accepted and to have a good relationship with her. A few years have passed away but I did not hear about her anymore. I started to go and see Vicky regularly for karma removals and I was sure that something is going to happen. I started to think about my aunt again and reevaluated our relationship and our common past. Bad things were coming up from the past and I managed to forgive me. In the morning before the 2nd karma removal I received a message from her. She wanted to see me in the afternoon. Our meeting was like a real wonder and we were just standing there hugging each other for long minutes and I finally could tell her how much I love her. I believe that this can be thanked to the karma removals that have changed all old negative energy in my relationships. 

Thank you Vicky and all other people who listened to me and tried to help. This is only one of the wonders happened since the mediations. I am very happy! 

Greetings, Erica

VG / Author & Editor

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