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You may start a new life with brand new energie


During the course of the past few months, Earth’s been receiving such energies that are taking us closer to the vibrations of the fifth dimension. 
We should be open to the cleansing energy of the highly vibrational golden light. Turning inward during these times helps the cleansing process. If you have been practicing raising your vibrational level (meditation, analyzing and understanding of the past, fasting, eating naturally, getting rid of addictions or obsessions and bad habits) you will notice that the power of creation has been multiplied. Manifesting into the physical realm is getting much easier.
The cleaner and purer you are on the physical and spiritual level, the quicker your dreams will be realized. In the new energy that has been arriving recently, anything is possible in the fraction of the time. Matter can be changed into anything. This process can be sped up by watching our actions more closely. Nowadays, many of us feel that our bodies also need to be nourished with high frequency food. The more natural we feed ourselves (leaving out processed food, additives, preservatives, chemicals, meat products, refined carbohydrates) the higher vibrational our bodies will become. You may even heal yourself faster, and get rid of illnesses, or many undesired physical symptoms. On the other hand, self-destruction will get the better of you if you follow an unhealthy lifestyle and diet.
Don’t be surprised if no positive change occurs if you smoke, take drugs or alcohol, or eat heaps of junk food. These make you see less clearly, dull the senses, and will keep you on a lower vibrational frequency.
It is also time we changed internally, as well. We need to let go of the burdens of our past lives. It’s time we looked at what has been troubling us, and what we have been carrying with us for centuries. Until we do so, no redemption will come.
Karma needs to be understood in order for us to be able to release it, thus freeing our spirits.
Once you get rid of all the weight of your physical and spiritual bodies, you will be able to fly freely, like a bird that is spreading its wing the first time. You can get a taste of the miracle of freedom, which is the true nature of our soul. It is time we lived the life we were intended to live. The laws of karma is transforming, and we receive the privilege of shedding the burden of our past lives for good. Be thankful that we live in this time, and have this opportunity. 
Be thankful for all the hardship, pain and suffering experienced during your life-time, because you are being shown what areas you need to still work on. All problems surface so that you know exactly what to let go of. Pain caused by this, will bring with itself liberation.
It is the beginning of getting connected with your twin flame. Both parts of the soul go through a large amount of healing so that this connection may happen. That is what has been happening the past few years. These connections are much more important than we had thought before. 
The joining of twin flames into one, and their high vibrational energy is what will raise this planet. Humanity is ready for this miracle. Be happy that you can witness this, and you were able to get this far. Be happy wherever you are, with whomever you are, because you are a perfect miracle, and part of God. You have the power of creation, and it is now time to experience it

Viktoria Mohacsi

VG / Author & Editor

Has laoreet percipitur ad. Vide interesset in mei, no his legimus verterem. Et nostrum imperdiet appellantur usu, mnesarchum referrentur id vim.

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