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Do not underestimate the importance of friends! Do not neglect your friends!
Having friends is a great joy. Our adulthood friends give us a good opportunity to appreciate all the pleasure we can experience together. 
Friends comfort you when you are down. Who knows us better, and can give better support, than a good old friend? Having friendships also give us an opportunity to be loyal to ourselves. Choosing friends can give an indication about our current problems we are facing. Mutual support can help in both our growth. 
Some friendships get stronger, and then get weaker, going through cycles throughout the years. Some fade away as one of the friends grows out of it. We’ll face tests and lessons along the way, and sometimes we need to have such an attitude that promotes healing. 
Some friendships last forever. There are love interest type of relationships, and there are friendships. And sometimes, from friendship, especially if the two met during a healing process, love can develop.

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