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Hi, I would like to share my experience, and tell you what happened to me after the meditation-therapy
I had two men in my life. The first one, Balazs, I have known for 6 years. I have always been attracted to him, since the day we met. I never knew whether this feeling was mutual or not. He was the womanizer type, but I was the only one he could talk to, and open up to, but besides a kiss, nothing happened between us. I was always hoping that something more would happen, though. I was not attracted to anyone else, but him. Even though, you told me to move on, I just could not get him out of my head. 
Then, I went to see you the second time, and we did a twin-flame attracting meditation. Three days after that, I met Robert. He and I fell in love at first sight. 
I was so happy that the twin-flame energy really exists, and I will never forget the feeling I had then. We were planning our future together after only a few days. I thought, that we both had been waiting for this relationship, and I felt very lucky. 
One Friday afternoon we were going out for dinner, and Robert was so mysterious, he seemed that he was planning something very special for me. Well, surprise, surprise, he never showed up, never called, and I got stood up, big time. I tried calling, only to discover that his phone number was disconnected, and I was no longer his Facebook friend. I could not believe that this was happening. I sent him a text message, but he never replied back to me. I was desperate for a week, and tried to forget him, but I just couldn’t. Meanwhile, Balazs also disappeared. I was living like a zombie for months. Days passed without anything happening. 
I was in that state, when I went to see you again for a Karma-Removal meditation therapy. The reviews were so amazing, that I did not want to miss it. I wish I had gone sooner, but I guess everything in its own time. 
Right after the meditation therapy I had a bad headache. It felt like my whole brain was torn out. I had a very strange dream that night. I was walking, wearing a very long skirt. Then, I reached and intersection. A sign was in the middle of it saying: “You need to decide which way to go”, and an arrow pointing to the right fork. I opted to walk left, despite the arrow. I saw dark tree branches, and thorny bushes along the way, and it got dark very fast. There was a fox on the road, and snakes were staring at me from the trees. I had a pretty bad feeling about the place, and I was concerned whether I had made the right decision. I woke up soaking in my own sweat, and with a terrible headache. The same day, Balazs called me up and ask me to meet him at the lake. I was very excited to see him again, on a date. 
It was interesting, because I didn’t feel nearly as aroused around him as I used to, when I saw him. He told me that he’d had a dream about me, and that he had had the urge to see me. His eyes were sparkling, like never before. 
I thought to myself, that this meditation really had worked, and it completely had wiped the feelings I used to have for this guy out of my heart. 
He talked a lot, and it bored me, I couldn’t wait to get home. I thought that something must have gone wrong, because I had been waiting to be with this man for six years, and now I felt nothing for him. The only thing that kept me sane was that you had told me, that Balazs was not my real soul mate. But if it was not him, then why on earth had he come back to my life? I tried to reassure myself that miracles do not happen overnight. He sent 3 texts later, then I went to bed. I had a very similar dream that night. I was walking on the same path as the night before. I was heading towards the same intersection, only this time, a thick arrow showed me which way to go, pointing to the right. I chose the right fork. I didn’t even think twice. I walked down the right path, and immediately, I saw bright light shining everywhere. In the distance, a prince was waiting for me under an old tree. A unicorn came to walk me to him. He told me that he had been searching for me for a long time. He hugged me, and I awoke with this wonderful feeling. 
I was anxious all day, but it was more like excitement. I had a date with my girlfriend that night to go shopping, and grab some coffee later. In the parking lot, as we were walking back to our car, guess who I ran into? It was Robert. My dream flashed in front of me in an instant. I had chosen the wrong path the night before, and attracted the wrong partner, but last night, I chose the right path. My heart was pounding. 
He walked right to me, as if nothing had happened. I was surprised that I didn’t even get mad at him for that. 
My girlfriend, of course excused herself, and he and I had dinner together. He told me that he had been trying to reach me for days, but he couldn’t find me. Exactly, like in my dream. Was this really my choice? Is it possible? It all seems like it was meant to be. How could someone change so much in just 5 months? He apologized, and I felt that even though he had lied to me before, I could trust him. We spent the night together in the park, talking and cuddling. We moved in together after one week. 
I am not sure what’s next, but I am not afraid anymore, and I am letting fate decide for me. It has been a miracle. Not only because I had a second chance with my real love, but because I also have changed so much in the process. I am so happy. I will always be grateful to you. 
Thank you so much for everything!

Cili, 29

VG / Author & Editor

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