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Our destiny knows what’s the best for us


I would like to share my experience because I realized very important things that can be useful for others perhaps. I saw Vicky about 1.5 years ago for the first time. She was recommended by a friend of mine. I didn’t go for a therapy, I wanted to know things about my future. I heard many interesting things, it was unbelievable. That time I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 5 years. Vicky said that we have nothing to do with each other, we are not a real couple. I felt this somehow, but I wanted a confirmation. I decided definitively to split up and live my life. It was very interesting that I received such a power from Vicky, which I was able to use immediately. Before this I was preparing for 2 years to brake off our relations. I had remorse and I was a high-flier according to my parents. I didn’t feel well so I decided to go back to Vicky. She helped me to understand the happenings and we did a twin-soul attraction meditation. 3 days later I was on a birthday party in Balatonakarattya. A house was rented for the event and approx. 40 participants were invited. We were grilling and drinking wine. Just before midnight a friend, Gabor gave us a call that he is just on the way to our party because he was on a wedding party. He drank too much and one of his friends takes him to our party by car. I felt a strange excitement, but didn’t know why. When they arrived and I saw his friend I had a powerful heartbeat and I felt extremely embarrassed. We had to help Gabor to walk inside the house because he was really drunk. Then I said thank you to his friend for his help. He told me that he has to go back to the wedding party because his best friend is the fiancé. I saw him out and gave him a drink. He left and I just sat down onto the grass. I started to think what happened to me. About 10 minutes later the car came back. The boy told that he forgot to give Gabor’s documents back but now he doesn’t find them. We were looking for them for a long time and finally found the docs just beside the seat. Meanwhile we were talking a lot about different things. I had a feeling like we know each other for a very long time. When he looked to my eyes, I felt real calmness. Just like if we were a couple and had a relation. I never felt similar before. We were just talking and talking… soon it started to dawn. It was very difficult to stop our conversation. When he left he didn’t ask for my email or my phone number but I felt that we belong together. I didn’t know anything from him, not even his name. Days were passing by and I couldn’t forget that night. A week later I had a phone call from Gabor that he would like to go to the cinema and I could go with him. Since I was free that night I said ‘yes’. His friend was also there, however he was not with Gabor. It was only a coincidence and he was sitting behind us. During the whole movie I felt his energy and I don’t remember anything from that movie. When the movie was over Gabor received a call from his mother that she needs his help. Thus, his friend offered to take me home. We were talking long again until 4 am. His name is Attila and 4 years younger than me. He said that he thinks of me since we first met. I learnt that he is an architect. And he is enthusiastic about Greece just like me. We like the same things in everything. I fell in love with him. The coming 6 weeks were wonderful. When we were not together we sent texts and e-mails. All of a sudden he disappeared. I was suffering for 3 months. Days and nights were horrible. I couldn’t let him go. I felt that I go mad. This year in February I had a class reunion. It was organized by me and my friend Ildi. We needed to have the phone numbers of all our past classmates. When my handy was short on power, I asked for Ildi’s phone. I was shocked when I saw that a picture of Attila is the background of her handy. She said that Attila is her boyfriend and she would like to introduce him to me. It was awful, but I didn’t tell anything. 2 weeks later I went back to Vicky. She told me not to worry, because interesting things will come up. We went back to past lives and checked my previous relationships to Ildi and Attila. In a past life Attila was my husband and had a lot of children. We were very happy, but Ildi wanted to take us apart and get Attila. I had a great argument with Ildi because of this. Vicky told me to calm down and trust that Attila is my real partner and he will come back to me. This was suspicious to me because I am not a person who wants to get someone’s partner. After experiencing the past life I had a thought that I could give this back to Ildi. I was thinking long about this but I couldn’t get the right answer by myself about what to do. Months have passed and I couldn’t disregard the happenings. In August I attended the first relationship karma meditation. It helped. I finally managed to let the entire story go. Next day I met Attila. He was very embarrassed and told that we must meet because he wants to tell me something important. I refused, but he stepped closed and kissed me. I couldn’t resist. This was a very paradoxical situation, which was both the happiest and unhappiest 2 minutes of my life… I told him not to seek me anymore because I know everything. He didn’t ask anything just left sadly. Two days later I met my previous boyfriend. He admitted that while we lived together once he and Ildi went to bed. Ildi blackmailed him not to talk about this to me. Ildi wanted to get him but he resisted. My remorse has passed away because I realized that we continue our previous life that I’ve seen before. I didn’t feel any pain and I knew that it has to be this way. The karma removal had a very good influence on this, things started to go to the right direction. Attila called me up. We discussed everything. I think the curse has broken up. As soon as the obstacles disappear on a personal scale everything goes well. When sy doesn’t want to control her life on purpose the universe can work for her. I entrusted myself to my destiny. And my destiny knew what’s the best for me. Vicky, I am very grateful to you. I feel really happy now for the first time in my life. And I know that this will last until the end of my life. Now we live together and we exiled the persons who don’t help our lives. 

Thank you so much! 

Noémi, 29 years

VG / Author & Editor

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