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Changes in my world


Hi Wiki! I’d like to share my experience with you. In March I’ve been for the first time at your consultation and after that it was like having wings. The reason for the consultation was my disease. I wanted to know my chances. I was so happy when the Angels sent word through you that I am going to be recovered. It turned out that I am possessed, a dead spirit has stuck to me and it keeps me ill. I had severe problems for the last 6 years. I didn’t dare to have dreams at night and I focused on surviving the days… I was worried about my children and my husband has died young. My life during the last couple of years was about going to medical therapies, living from allowance and praying to be able to raise my children. At this first meeting I was recharged and I was given a ‘shield’, which provided really strong protection. This protection was necessary to resist curses and spiritual attacks. It was obvious that I had more energy than before and I was not tired so easily. Then a few days later I felt worse again. So I visited you again and I was told to let go my sorrow and all my problems in my life. I started the intensive therapy twice a week. In meditations I’ve joined my higher self and inner child. It was like renovating myself with parts that left me in the past. I realized that I haven’t respected myself. I have seen that I have a divine self, which is perfect. I learnt that I can achieve all my goals with the help of my divine self. I started to understand who I am in fact. Next time we were about to investigate the reason for my illnesses. In meditation first I found myself in my childhood. When I was 4 one of my male relatives molested me sexually. I didn’t dare to speak about this since then. This contributed to my problems. Next time I found myself in the ancient Rome where I killed a man who is my father in my present life. In that life he was my brother and I killed him not on purpose. I had to forgive this to me. It was not easy, but crying helped. Third time I was only a foetus in a past life. My mother kept her pregnancy as secret. When it turned out that she is pregnant her father gave her a beating. I experienced this as a huge sorrow. I knew that everyone hates me and I didn’t want to be born. My birth was very problematic. I didn’t want to come out of the abdomen of my mother. Mostly these led to my illnesses in my current life. And these were the reasons why my energetic system was so weak and I was possessed. As I managed to understand why these occurred I felt myself in a better physical condition. Mentally sometimes I was very weak and often cried for days but afterwards I felt to be cleaner and better. I knew that I am in the right track to be recovered. A month later I decided not to go to medical treatments anymore. I realized that only I can cure myself. The real breakthrough was in August when I’ve been on a karma removal meditation. Vicky told me that I can set myself free from the difficulties, problems and major negative effects from my past lives that can have influence on my present life. During the karma removal I could forgive and take leave of my husband who has already died. I couldn’t do this earlier. I got to know that we were connected with a black art power. This is why no one else was in my life. I had headache for a week and cried a lot… This was due to the purification. I felt that some great things are around me in the air… After the second karma removal things have started. During the meditation we were cleansing the childhood, which was full of pain. I realized that I always wanted to live up to my parents’ expectations, but I was never accepted well. I experienced that the karma removal really influences the entire family not only the person who is participating the meditation. My father who never loved me with true love and grieved me started to apologize. He even started to cry. My father! So I could forgive him as well… My children started to bring better marks from school. My brother bought me a present what never happened before. I didn’t know what is going on around me. The karma removal works much better than expected! :) At the parents’ meeting at the school of my younger son I met a friendly woman and we shared our phone numbers. I felt that finally I managed to find a true friend. She is the only one who knows about my life and the happenings. I became open! It was great that someone treats me as friend and this is as fantastic feeling. When she got to know what situation I am in, she offered a job at her shop. I am so happy because no one wanted to hire me in such a condition. My salary is also more that I even expected. No doubt, Ildikó is my guardian Angel. Finally, my life got purpose. I wanted to work very well to show my gratitude for Ildikó, and luckily the income of the shop has increased since I work there. Otherwise this is the best workplace for me because I enjoy dealing with herbs and crystals. Thus, I also realized my life task. I am more and more confident on a daily basis. I feel more powerful. And two weeks ago I was invited to a rendezvous by one of our regular customer. It is a wonderful feeling that someone shows interest in me. The best that happened to me is the following. Last week I’ve been to a CT examination and it seems that my disease is regressing. I am waiting for this for 6 years now! 6 years! I cannot tell you what I felt when the doctor said this fantastic news. I was sobbing. The doctor asked me what happened to me because my condition became much better. I told the truth that I am using the power of nature! :) I take the necessary vitamins, minerals, curing my immune system, working on dissolving those mental problems that caused this disease but I do not take medical therapies for some time now. He told that I am very irresponsible, but not to stop what I do! :) This is the best thing that happened to me so far! Vicky, I am so grateful to you! If you do not help me my life would be still that sinking swamp… I thank you for all your help! I am always very motivated to go to karma removals and looking forward to the coming positive changes excitedly. There are a number of other things I would like to change in the future. But I am also learning patience. :) 

Vera, 40 years

VG / Author & Editor

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