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Karmic-Healing therapy/meditation


I am certain, that everybody in the world feels that something has changed here, on Earth. Rather, everything is in a constant transformation. Every moment is filled with a possibility. The possibility to change and progress. This transformation will never end. The only thing you can change about it is your own perception to these changes, and the way you transform your life by it. 

It feels, as though, time accelerated, and flies by rather quickly. Human relationships are in ruins, there has never so many people diagnosed with depression and panic disorder. 

Material uncertainty cripples the human soul. I still believe, that it is a privilege to exist, and be experiencing life now, because life has never offered us a greater chance to exercise free will and rewrite the screenplay of our life. 

Karma is based on the law of action and reaction. In other words, nothing happens by chance, everything is orchestrated and carried out by a well laid plan. There is always a reason behind a meeting, an event or an experience. This reason might be a thought, or an action that took place yesterday, but it can also be brought forward from infancy or even previous lives. 

There might also be family patterns acquired from our parents (which, most of the time, we do not even realize we have) that keep us hostage. To be more precise, in our families we have tendencies which keep repeating themselves, such as poverty, divorce, specific illnesses, and recurring events.

I truly believe, that it is very important to clear these patterns from our lives, because we keep playing the same record over and over again, as if we were stuck in a running wheel and cannot get out. Emotional blocks are caused by these patterns. Block removal meditations help get rid of these patterns, so that we are be able to discover and understand our own boundaries, thereby liberating our body, spirit, and soul. 

Up until now, our lives have been a balancing act. If we had something to be happy about, another part of our life fell apart. If we had love, then we had monetary difficulties. On the other hand, if we had plenty of money, then we fell sick, or our relationships suffered. In such a duality, that is how the world stayed balanced. If something good happened, we almost expected something to be miserable about. 

The good news is that this has all changed. Burdens, and emotional blocks that have been carried around for centuries can be dropped. That is why I feel, that it is a privilege to be living and existing today. We are able to experience firsthand what it feels like to live in harmony and have balance in all aspects of our life. 
We only need to let go of the loads of our past that are holding us back. This can all be done by virtually going back, and discover them one after another. Even in one day 20 years’ worth of karma can be released and dropped, that is why we feel time rushing by 20 times faster, than a few years ago. 

Karmic removal does not mean erasing it, it simply means the rearrangement of the energies. It is a special method of relaxation, during which the individuals are being faced with their past, the burdens of their soul, thus promote healing, During these session we also receive teachings. This plays a very important role, because only those karmic patterns can be released which have been thoroughly understood. If this does not happen, than the whole learning process would have absolutely been in vain. In every problem we have a chance to get closer to our true self, our source. All these lessons are to be learned, and understood. Understanding is what brings liberation and absolution. 

There are 3 aspects of our life where we receive the most lessons. 

Firstly, Relationships. 
This definitely plays a major role in our progress. The most and fastest growth can be achieved here, because a mirror is placed before us constantly by our partner to help us. This shows the areas still in progress and those that need improvement. For this purpose, we have created a very specific guided meditation dealing with relationship issues. 
This meditation helps us realize and face our darkest side to understand why we keep repeating the same patterns year after year, bringing similar events and people into our lives, and why we are being faced with the same problems over and over again. 

We learn to forgive ourselves and others, and let go of the past. Karmic oaths, vows and obligations vanish that chain us to our past. We remove bonds and addictions which won’t let us move forward. 

Secondly, Health. 
Physical symptoms always raise awareness and warn us that we have lost our ways. The reason can be found, if we search our soul. If the energy source of a problem has been eliminated, then this will cause the physical symptom to also dissipate. These meditation sessions help us better understand our lives and find ourselves. We get closer to understand who we really are, where we came from, where we are headed, and what the purpose of our existence is. 

Thirdly, Wealth, Career and Life Purpose. 
It is important to know that if you live in harmony, and you are fulfilling your life purpose, then life will also be abundant, and you won’t be lacking wealth. Many of us feel that we are not on the right track, though. We do not like our occupation, and feel that we can be and do so much better. On the other hand, these feelings are being kept submerged, because of fear. Acceptance and submission will take precedence. During the meditation specifically targeted to release these fears, blocks that keep us from our life purpose, abundance in every aspect of our lives, and to fulfill our true calling will be removed, and released. We free ourselves from the fear, guilt and negative feelings that had built walls around us to keep us from claiming what’s rightfully ours and manifest anything we desire. 

Releasing the blocks does not happen during meditation, the process is only initiated there. Everything happens at its own pace. The work is being done with the help of spiritual helpers, archangels, and enlightened masters. This release process may last for weeks, or even months. It will then continue in dreams and visions. We keep receiving these lessons until we realize, and understand their purpose. 

According to our experience, these meditations do not only help the intended area, but many times they effect all aspects of our lives. We had seen people come for a relationship meditation, but their life purpose got activated. This was obviously needed in their case, before they could attract the right partner. But we have also seen the exact opposite, as well. 

Karma removal meditations initiate energy exchanges. They are a kind of help to our lives. Things fall into place, but many times these changes are experienced as chaotic. We need to practice patience until everything makes sense. Because these lessons need to be learned, and cannot just be erased from our lives. The meditation helps progress growth. Once most of the lessons have been realized and understood the screenplay of our lives can be rewritten. 

Many people have experienced that once they had decided to participate in one of the karma removal meditations, the process of purification of the given area started immediately even before the session. It also continued afterwards. Cleansing may be experienced in the body, in the form of a headache, aches and pains in the limbs, nausea, or fatigue. Some experience an abundance of physical health and energy. This all depends on the individual. Just as emotional scars appear as physical symptoms, the healing also appears in physical form. A lot of sleep, plenty lot of water and taking it easy help advance healing. 

Progress after the meditations is vary, and depends on the individual. Some people have their issues resolved within just a few days, for some it may take months, and a whole lot of work to achieve desired changes. Transformation will start inside ourselves. Progress depends on the type of block and how deep its source is. The root of some of the problems could be very diverse. This only means that different meditations targeting different areas may be necessary to achieve our goals. 
Since every meditation session is different, aiming at various anticipated results, anybody can participate anytime they wish. It is up to everybody’s discretion as to how many sessions they need or want to attend. Continuous effort is needed at everybody’s own pace to stay in harmony and peace. 

The good news is that with our purification progress our direct family members, such as our parents, children, siblings and spouse are getting similar benefits, as well. Even if we do not know who our significant other might be, it still works, since we are energetically connected to them. There is always one family member who resists change, even though all we want is to help them. We cannot interfere with anybody’s free will, but if we change and grow, in time, this will have a positive impact on our loved ones, too. Growth in our close environment is inevitable. There is this lady, who keeps coming back to our sessions only because she sees the tremendous change and growth in her husband and children.

One thing is for sure. Our physical plane is changing. There are two paths before everyone. I can only hope, that everybody will choose transformation. Things do not change by themselves, you have to make that decision. 

I wish all of you a marvelous life!

Viktoria Mohacsi

VG / Author & Editor

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